How Aqua Aura Quartz is Created


There are a few handfuls of crystals, mostly quartz, that are enhanced by man, changing their look and properties. These include aqua aura, opal aura, flame aura, angel aura, and rainbow quartz. These crystals are created by placing them in a vacuum chamber, heating them to 1600° Fahrenheit, while subjecting them to various metal deposits. The metal deposits adhere to the outside of the crystals, creating a rainbow sheen on the surface. Different metals are being used to create these crystals such as copper, silver, platinum, gold, niobium, titanium, and indium. Aqua aura quartz crystals are made with this process using deposits of gold. Rainbow quartz is created the same way, using both gold and titanium. The same procedure, along with platinum, creates opal aura quartz. Angel aura quartz is created similarly, using platinum and silver. Flame aura quartz is created differently with titanium; this process uses electricity only, no heat, making these crystals more stable. What makes these crystals so powerful is quartz amplifies the properties of each metal used.

Copper transmits thoughts and energy, stimulates intuition and vitality, helps us recognize blocks from personal evolution, and magnifies other stones. Gold, the “master healer,” clears blocks on all levels, maintains communion with source, and actualizes self-potential. Silver “mirrors our soul,” directs other minerals, enhances intuition. Indium or tin oxide used commercially for L.C.D. screens on solar panels, glass, computer, t.v. Screens. They are rarely used as an injection for helping to heal bone cancer. Platinum is an excellent metal bringing in new visions and energies into the physical realm. Titanium, another powerful mineral for metamorphosis, aid’s us in shedding the old, making room for new while bringing in the new age energies.


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