The Energy of Love in a Time of Chaos


When we pray for the healing of another person or help with a global disaster, what we are doing is channeling the Divine power of God Itself. This power is the great preservative force of the Cosmos – called LOVE or Spiritual energy.

Love is the energy of creation, preservation, and transmutation. In this sense, Love is not just a personal feeling or a desire to possess another person but almost the exact opposite. It is that compassionate feeling and heartfelt desire that moves us to want to help others who are suffering. It may be a person who is sick, a beloved pet, or it may be people we don’t even know who have lost everything in a natural disaster or war. Our hearts go out to them, and we want to help. This is Love – and our next step is not just to feel it and ignore it – but to put this Love to work through our actions of physical help or by radiating the spiritual energy of Love through prayer.

Dr. George King, Founder of The Aetherius Society, taught that Spiritual energy is the most important energy in existence, far more so than electricity. It is a power that is entirely scientific but as yet defies scientific understanding on Earth.

We don’t, however, need science to prove that spiritual energy is real because each of us can invoke and direct this simply by the power of our thought; through our directed intentions and prayers. It is something simple that we all can learn how to do, and many people can physically feel this energy in a very short time with just a little practice.

The beauty of directing spiritual energy is that we are beginning to control and master our own emotions and thoughts, as well as the great life-giving pranas emanating from the Sun that are available to us all.

Once we channel these pranas and color them with our Love and compassion, this brings to us a rise in consciousness. When this happens, we begin to more surely unlock the riches within us and realize more fully our Divine potential. More importantly, we also help the person or situation to which we are directing this beautiful, harmonious, and healing energy.

The more we do this, the stronger we shall become, until we are no longer subject to the whims of others or the manipulations of dark forces that are even today bringing confusion and chaos to the surface of our world. Once we learn how to control these God-given energies, we are now becoming the spiritual magicians and world healers that we really are, fighting with the energy of Love to bring peace, healing, and enlightenment to our world.

All the problems in our world can be solved by the power of Love because where there is Love, selfishness is overcome. Where there is Love, greed cannot exist, and without this, there can be no poverty. Where there is Love, hatred will be transmuted, so there can be no war, no racism, no injustice of any kind.

One of the most powerful was of directing spiritual energy is through the spiritual practice of The Twelve Blessings, delivered to humanity in 1958 through the extraordinary Mediumship of Dr. George King. During this time of crisis in our world, we are holding regular online Services of The Twelve Blessings. People from 68 countries of many different backgrounds and religious beliefs have been joining together, radiating the great power of Love through these beautiful Blessings. We warmly invite you to join us at and become a true spiritual activist, radiating light and love to our world.

Many of you readers are already healers who know that the power of Love can heal others. However, if you are new to prayer directed outwards for world healing, you can try this simple exercise for yourself.

Spiritual energy has to be allowed to flow freely to work properly. This is why technique is very important when using this energy:

Try this exercise:
1. Sit still with your eyes closed and your back straight.

2. Visualize white light entering your body through the nostrils as you breathe in, and visualize it, filling your whole being as you breathe out.

4. When you begin to feel calm, visualize white light coming down through space and entering the top of your head, then down into your brain, through your neck, shoulders, and into your heart chakra – a point just in front of the breastbone a few inches in front of the body.

5. Next, visualize the brilliant white light flowing down through your arms and out into your hands.

6. Raise your hands with your palms facing outwards in front of you about shoulder height.

7. Visualize the scintillating white light coursing out of the palms and heart chakra – like water flowing through a river.

8. Visualize the light going to a part of the world in dire need, such as a warzone.

9. See this area filled with light, Love, harmony, and healing.

10. Try to really feel compassion for those suffering in this area.

11. Carry on with the visualization for as long as you can.

12. When you have finished, brush your right palm over your left palm away from you. This serves to seal the energy flow.

This practice will be empowered by the activation of a belief in a Divine Source.

If you decide to join us in our global efforts to bring help and healing to our world by joining in online service at, you can download the prayers from the Blessings via this website where it says “Get the prayer sheet.” You can then practice the exercise above, and then, as you visualize the energy flowing through you, start to read aloud the prayers of each Blessing.

One Secret of Prayer
Quantum Physics has shown that the more emotion we engage, the more neurons we activate. Our emotions are the juice, or energy, behind our thoughts that give power to them. So the more feeling we put into prayer, the more of spiritual energy will be radiated through us – and therefore, the more powerful the prayer will be.

You may never know the results of your prayers, but you can know for sure that, by the great Law of Karma, they are making a difference. Your prayers said from a compassionate heart will help and heal, and the more you do this, the more you will unlock the great Spiritual riches within you, bringing you greater fulfillment, joy, and inspiration.


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