You Are Not Broken


A “Core Teacher” in your life can be an emotion, self-sabotaging pattern, or life issue, even one that you’ve faced many times. In your personal growth, when you bump up against a Core Teacher, you may hear yourself thinking thoughts like: “I want to die” or “I am broken” or “This is hopeless.”
Do NOT believe these thoughts!

Here’s why you should not believe those thoughts: we are here on this planet to grow. In Nature, what does not grow… dies. Humans are no different from Nature. If we’re not unfolding into more wisdom, love, and awareness, we WILL feel dead inside. The diagnosis, addiction, or self-sabotaging pattern is a starting point…not the end.

Choosing growth opens your mind to new possibilities and awakens courage. As you choose to see everything in your life as an opportunity to cultivate empowering qualities within, you will feel on purpose.

After over 20 years of working with people on their personal growth journeys, I can tell you without a doubt EVERYONE has a “Core Teacher.” Everyone has something inside that is really hard to face and embrace.

A Core Teacher can feel like an overwhelming tidal wave that you must solve this instant! In other words, it often feels like life and death.

You can ride the tidal wave if you remember three principals:

1. Growth is lifelong. Love/God is infinite. There is no finish line, so you might as well slow down. Cultivating happiness (not based on conditions and circumstances) and clearing the self-sabotage is progressive, unfolding, and incremental.

2 Who you Truly Are, IS already here, AND you are manifesting your True Self. You are already made in the Divine’s image, and you are waking up to and embodying God as you grow and learn. So, there is never a real reason to be without hope.

3. Shame has no transformational value. If you’ve already faced this Core Teacher before, you have not failed. So, you can stop beating yourself up! Facing the same issue does not mean you’ve done anything wrong. Every time you re-visit and learn something, you become the next best version of yourself.

“As you know, better, you can do better.” ~Maya Angelou

As you continually re-choose self-love in the face of your Core Teacher, there is an Order, Grace, or Intelligence that works on your behalf. You do not have to figure it all out.

Most Core Teachers are also ancestral. Your family likely has a history of the issue you are facing. For example, a lot of people come to me for help healing family of origin and childhood wounds and patterns. The high truth is that your Soul picked this family so that you can grow and unfold to the utmost.Believe it or not, your family is not a punishment. Worry, sexual trauma, addiction, people-pleasing or explosive anger, etc. can be passed on genetically.

This issue is NOT your fault.

However, it is your respond-ability to break the chain of pain!
Three steps to take while facing your Core Teacher:

1. Educate yourself.
For example, if your Core Teacher is:
People-pleasing—study boundaries and self-advocacy.
Worry—study meditation and affirmative prayer.
Insecurity—study self-confidence and self-acceptance.

2. Reclaim the choice to NOT give up EVERYDAY. Face the issue and choose self-compassion. Either grow… or be the walking dead. Please choose to grow. The world needs your light.

3. Pick a mentor that you know has overcome your issue. Ask for help. Inner growth is not easy. Anyone that tells you so is scamming you.

Because I chose growth, I have overcome deep family trauma, illness, and suffocating insecurities. I’ve lived my dreams, written books, and loved deeply, (despite and because of) the challenges life presented.

Life is for me. Life IS for you.

Whatever “it” is, it’s NEVER too late or too big to shift! I have seen many of my clients change deep self-limiting patterns. IF you are willing to grow, miracles CAN occur.
Stay open.

NO one is too broken. NO one is forever lost. IF someone is willing to educate themselves, choose growth, and ask for help, …anything is possible.

Don’t give up. I might be the mentor you are needing.
Call me for a free consult and let’s connect—big hugs to you.


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