Walking Meditation


By Pauline Dettloff

We’ve all been stuck at home, wanting to do something. I had this idea. I thought of writing about walking meditation. Well, “guess what!” As I started to do more research, I did not realize walking meditation had multiple forms and could be complicated.

Years ago, I met a shaman who would blindfold himself and walk through a forest and never touch a tree or a branch on the ground. I was amazed.

After my research and inspired by this shaman, I decided to try my version and walk around the house. It’s simple, but I recommend you be careful. Try closing your eyes for just a few minutes until you have more practice. Sense and “see” things around you with your eyes close. Physical matter is all in energy; with practice, everyone can sense energy.

Have you had experiences where you are driving and don’t know how you got there? Time passed very fast because you put yourself in a relaxed yet focused frame of mind. Similarly, while walking and meditating, lightly watch the thoughts, yet, stay alert to the energy around you. Be in the energy of the universe. The movement of walking can also help you be available to insights and great ideas.

Tips to walking mediation:

  1. Have fun with this. Be silly and laugh. It’s you and the universe playing together!
  2. Pay attention to the experience of walking; keep your awareness engaged in this experience.
  3. Become aware and compassionately witness your present mental and emotional states. It’s about relaxing and enjoying the moment. Just like in sitting meditation, you breathe, relax, and watch.

Light and Love


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