By Penny Golden

Health, Prosperity, & Wisdom are States of Being that generate your attitude (thoughts), your mood (emotions), and your inspiration (urges).

No one (except yourself) can block your access to them as they exist inside you; they are your divine birthright.

If you are uninspired, broke, or unhealthy, then you have abandoned these States, and you are in purgatory where your life force is feeding your fears, anger, and judgments against others.  

So, Who angered you? Who hurt you? Who blocked your prosperity? Who are you afraid of?

Your judgments have locked them in mental prison in your consciousness where you actively fight to keep them at bay; you keep your wounds open in the hopes that they will remember their sinsrepent, regret, and make amends.  

But this daily fight takes energy (your life force) and leaves you weak, broke, and uninspired.

Likely they have moved on, even forgotten, and are actively enjoying their life… they may die and never think of it again, but you suffer on… at some point, the pain will be too much, and you let this go.  

So why wait? Let go now! Why are you still giving them the power to suck up your life energy? Let all your prisoners go, forgive about them, and knock down the prison walls never to return.

Forgive them and regain your freedom, return home to the promised land of vibrant health, prosperity, and the inspired life you were meant to live!

You are your bothers, your fathers, and your mother’s keeper. If you wish to be well… keep them well. Forgive them, let them go if you have to, and start now living your abundant, happy life!

Penny Golden 10/2020


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