Healing Comes In Many Forms


Healing Comes in Many Forms
by Susan deCaussin

The current world climate has forced us to live in a state of uncertainty. We’ve all been pushed into living in the now, from each moment to the next, as we face these changing times. While uncomfortable at first, many people are now gaining a great appreciation for this powerful life lesson.

Letting go and moving gently through each day can be really liberating. Somehow, when we try to force outcomes and are busy making future plans, we become too distracted from the only thing that we can comfortably control – which is the present moment. When a person is continually living in the future, concern, and fear are given a perfect environment to thrive in. We worry about things that haven’t even happened and concern ourselves with possible outcomes, letting moments of opportunity pass us by.

This time of change has offered many their first opportunity to jump off the treadmill and reevaluate their lives. People are moving into new careers, reprioritizing their time, and learning the importance of self-care. While some are taking this change in stride, most feel confused, anxious, and out of control. And, because of social distancing, many people believe that they’re alone in their feelings with so many jobs being performed remotely.

As we’ve adjusted to moving at a slower, more deliberate pace, more people are now facing the things that were buried under the noise of daily life. Old emotions are rising to the surface, needing to be dealt with and resolved. Many are overwhelmed, not understanding that they’ve been delaying their healing by ignoring wounds from the past. I’m seeing people of all ages who want to move through those buried emotions so that they can continue forward with a clean slate. Some choose to avoid the use of pharmaceuticals to suppress the feelings that are bubbling to the surface. Instead, they’re seeking holistic approaches.

So, how do you know which approach is right for you? There are many healing modalities, and the choice can be difficult. First, listen to your intuition. If you’re feeling drawn to a certain Practitioner or modality, follow that lead. Some issues can be resolved in a Spiritual Guidance session. Other problems have manifested into physical pain and dis-ease. In these cases, Energy Healers can assist your body in the healing process. For those driven by the subconscious mind, Hypnotherapy can help release the emotions and reframe past experiences from early in life or from a past life.

At Healing Methods, we’ve traveled across the globe to gather training in many different modalities. We evaluate each client and create an individualized treatment plan. As an ordained Minister and trained Intuitive, I’ve been providing guidance sessions for years to help people gain clarity and discover what’s holding them back. We offer Clinical Reflexology to increase blood flow, improve nerve function, and detoxify the body. Clinical Hypnotherapy is used to uncover and release buried emotions and erase unwanted behaviors. And, after years of working as Reiki Masters, my husband and I traveled to Bali, Indonesia, to bring back a powerful, ancient healing modality known as Siwa Murti. This unparalleled healing technique can be done in person, across a room, and across the globe. Energetic blocks are located and eliminated, enabling the body to achieve balance, remove pain, and release infirmities. These powerful treatments can be completed in a matter of minutes.

Let us help you decide which Healing Method is right for you. Free consultations are always available. Just call Healing Methods at (248) 759-6486.


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