Receiving Love…


WHAT is one of the most common statements I hear people say in sessions after over 20 years of helping people to love themselves and live their purpose?

***I have trouble receiving Love —and giving is easier for me!! ***

If we ALL have trouble receiving Love and everyone is running around just giving, why aren’t we in Nirvana? 

This is because receiving Love is about surrendering and BEING an expression of Love.

What does that mean?

In receiving Love right now (through self-compassion) and through people, you have to let go of previous structures you define yourself by.

Meaning; in receiving become more of your True Self.

God or Love, expresses in, as, and through humans.

In receiving Love in the most vulnerable places, you come to know your true identity as Love.

Gently shifting to honoring all parts of yourself, you are then empowered to ask for help and vulnerably share these tender parts with those closest to you. This is how you come to feel Love/God in your bones and not just as a theory to obey.

Ultimately we fear receiving Love and asking for help because we fear our own magnificence!!! 

It is the light we fear, not the darkness. 

We KNOW and identify as our stories, limitations, and success. The unknown is the next opening to our True Self/Love.

Yet peeling these layers takes time, patience, and compassion.

Ask for help. Conscious spoken needs do NOT make you weak. Ask, and you receive. Right?

It’s only when we ignore our needs; we then become passive-aggressive to try to get those needs met…. (unconscious, unspoken needs- make us “needy”)

Our defenses against receiving Love is our defense against our own magnificence.

Pray this today:

“Divine Beloved- Help me to allow others the supreme pleasure of giving to me. And help me to give without any withholding. Change me to one that receives and gives in easeful flow. I am willing to know Your magnificence as me. Thank you. We are One.”

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