Enlightened Soul Center moves to a larger location to serve more people


Have you been seeking guidance, meaning, and purpose in life, perhaps even more so recently? We all know that the COVID-19 pandemic — and corresponding astrological influences — have caused many people to “go within” to re-evaluate their priorities and future direction. These were the perfect conditions under which a metamorphosis of the Enlightened Soul Center & Shop for the Holistic & Intuitive Arts (ESC) has taken place.


The ESC moved in October 2021 to a new location, still in Ann Arbor and around the corner from our former building. The Center has DOUBLED in size, allowing for an expansion of our metaphysical store & gift shop and tripling the number of our treatment rooms! Now there are 11 (sacred spiritual master number!) practitioners at the ESC, offering their expertise in spiritual/psychic guidance and holistic/energy healing to help others.

ESC took over the building formerly occupied by an acupuncture clinic at 2711 Carpenter Road (north of Packard Road). (In numerology, 2711 also adds up to the spiritual master number 11!). While it was challenging to be an event-hosting venue with classes, events, one-on-one services, and a store during a pandemic — when most people didn’t want to gather in public at all — we were guided by Spirit in finding the perfect location against all odds. One of our colleagues took a photo of an angel cloud formation over our building BEFORE they knew we had visited that building! The signs were all around us that this was the opportunity we were waiting for and to trust that it would unfold as it should.

People familiar with our old location and how good the energy was there would be glad to know that everyone comments on how wonderful the energy is at our new place! Even people who are finding us for the first time notice it. We are grateful to have inherited a lovely space with peaceful energy and that our guides & caretakers in Spirit, who also helped maintain the vibration, moved with us. We also practice regular sound clearing and other energy maintenance to preserve balance.


ESC practitioners offer commonly sought services and specialize in unique or rare modalities. They are available for drop-in sessions or by appointment. Spiritual counselors include those who read tarot cards, multiple oracle decks at once, practice psychometry (reading the energy of an object), perform mediumship by communicating with departed loved ones, and channel your spirit guides, angels, or ascended masters, to give you the messages you seek.

Healers at the ESC include practitioners of Reiki (Usui, Holy Fire, etc.), cranial-sacral therapy, past-life healing & regression therapy, sound healing & shamanic techniques, foot reflexology, energetic/psychic surgery, cord removal, crystal healing, and soul retrieval, to name a few.

Most of the ESC practitioners offer a mix of BOTH guidance and healing, such as intuitive energy work, addressing the holistic needs of the whole human: body, mind, and spirit/soul. Find their bios under “Practitioners” on the ESC website to learn more about our staff. To see who is available for walk-in sessions on any given day, including guest practitioners, consult the calendar on the ESC website: www.enlightenedsoulcenter.com


Increasing the size of the ESC allowed for an expansion of the store. Along with standard metaphysical supplies like incense, crystals & stones, and gemstone jewelry, we carry clearing products like sound bowls, aromatic spray, sage, & palo santo, and grounding items like black tourmaline & hematite. We have a varied selection of second-hand metaphysical books and divination tools such as tarot/oracle decks and pendulums. We are proud to feature the handiwork of many local artisans, such as Zen gardens, handmade wands, and Tree of Life wreaths from Mishabella Creations. We buy crystal collections on consignment, which allows us to procure some unique specimens!


The main criterion we were focusing on with our move was visibility! The ESC was founded in 2016, located on the 2nd floor of an office building, hidden in an office park. Now we have our own free-standing building with no neighbors on busy Carpenter Road, just down the street from the US-23 exit on Washtenaw Avenue. In addition, we have our own free parking lot with another one next door.

The visibility piece was funny because the building owner allowed bamboo that he had planted to become overgrown in the front yard, to the extent that the building could not be seen from the front! (Yes, bamboo grows in Michigan and is invasive.) The bamboo was as high as the roof! Visibility of the building was a must, and luckily the owner allowed us to have the bamboo chopped down. People keep commenting on how they never noticed our building before. That’s because they couldn’t, until now!

This move has allowed the Center to be open regular hours for the first time when previously the ESC was only available for events and by appointment. Current hours are Wednesday–Saturday, noon to 7:00 pm, with two Saturdays a month devoted to our Psychic Saturday Holistic Fairs and plans to increase summer hours.

We continue our mission to offer holistic & metaphysical EDUCATION, SERVICES, & PRODUCTS to support the community. The ESC rents its event room, classroom, and one treatment room to the public, and there are activities every day of the week, even when the store is closed. We welcome you to come to check out our new home and FIND YOUR TRIBE!

Enlightened Soul Center & Shop

 2711 Carpenter Road

 Ann Arbor, MI 48108


Rev. Amy B. Garber, BA, RMT, is an intuitive psychic and conscious channel, a Past-Life Healing Regression practitioner, and performs Remote Reiki Readings. She teaches Intuition Development at the Enlightened Soul Center & Shop, where she is co-founder and owner/director.


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