5 Easy Ways to Show Your Gratitude


Gratitude and appreciation could very well be two of the most powerful forces we have. If you think about it, we are showered with blessings daily. Here are five easy ways to cultivate the magic of gratitude.

Write a handwritten letter of appreciation. A heartfelt letter goes a long way. Those kinds of cards get tucked away for safekeeping, to be found on a random day, doing their magic yet again. They’ll be thankful for your kind words, and you might make a difference for someone going through a very difficult time.

Leave love notes. Get some pretty paper from the craft store or some heart-shaped sticky notes. With a special magic marker, write things like “You are special!”, “I Believe in You”, “You are loved”, “There’s no one quite like You!” Leave them in random places like on a bookstore shelf, a coffee shop table. On a car window or a mailbox during your early morning walk.

Leave a big tip. There are those special people we run into who make a lasting impression. The friendly waiter or barista who knows your name, and gives you your coffee with a genuine smile. Your gift could a go a long way this time of year.

Buy lunch. Bring back a meal for a co-worker who’s having a hard time at home, or for that workmate who makes the day fun. Get donuts for the crew.

Create a gratitude jar. Write one thing every day you are grateful for and put it in a special container. Get your loved ones to do it too!

A compliment from a dear friend, or offering to help someone in need could make their year. Kindness matters. Gratitude is love.


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