5 Ways to Connect to Your Intuition


May is the month of Intuition and Mothers. These two go hand-in-hand. We have heard about mother’s intuition but the truth is, you don’t have to be a mother to be intuitive. I have heard the strange phenomenon of people who believe that mothers have intuition, and that it is very real, but psychics are charlatans. There are folks around me, even though I have been this way my whole life, who think that what I do and the rest of the intuitives who are out and proud, are laughable! The amazing thing is that once you know how you get your intuition, you discover a whole new world for yourself. Here are five ways to help activate your intuition.

1. Meditate. Meditating for intuition, is like exercising for your health. Praying is talking to God and meditating is listening. Meditating activates your third eye, called the, seat of your soul. The more you meditate, the stronger your intuition becomes over time.

2. Trust yourself. Think of all the times you made really good decisions from thinking things through. Affirming your abilities makes them stronger. Going to the gym regularly and telling yourself that you are stronger and stronger every day during your workouts, makes you stronger. Declare your intuitive abilities! On day one of every Angel Therapy Certification Course before lunch, the whole class stands up to declare they are profoundly clairvoyant! Believing and trusting is such a huge part of hearing your guidance. I often tell my students that I feel like I’m literally picking things out of thin air when I give readings.

3. Spend time in nature. Your bare feet on the ground connects you to the magnetic currents of the Earth. We call it, grounding. You may have recently heard of it being called, earthing. Think of how good it feels to walk in the warm sand. It feels so good because you are being magnetically pulled to the core of the earth. Feeling rooted and grounded makes us feel secure and tuned-in to the spiritual forces of nature. Think of how far down the roots of trees grow underground. Pondering nature clears away junk from your psychic vision.

4. Read spiritual books. I like to think of this as a quest. If you are looking for a book in the metaphysical section and it falls off the shelf, or you hear the title of a book three times or more, you are meant to read it. Many times I’ve gone to the bookstore on a hunt for my next treasure. If there is only one book left, I take it as a sure sign. Reading about spirituality, metaphysics, divination and the mystical, opens your intuition. You are telling the Universe you are serious about being more intuitive.

5. Take an intuition class. You will be amazed at how much sense it makes when you discover your intuitive method. It is a sense actually, like hearing, feeling and smelling. Practicing yoga at home is sweet! But going to a class from time to time gives you pointers and maybe nice suggestions from the expert, your teacher. Before long, triangle pose takes you to places you’ve never been before.

I hold many intuitive gatherings and workshops, and I give private lessons. If you’ve been wanting to know more, don’t hesitate to follow your guidance. Get yourself some oracle cards and pray before you play with the cards. That’s a good start!


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