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Miche Lame Hypnotherapist

As a Trained Hypnotherapist, Miche Can Help You Heal anxiety, Sleeping Issues, Self-esteem Problems, Weight Loss Struggles, Sexual Abuse Trauma, Smoking Addictions, Intimacy Issues....

Creating Heaven On Earth

This season, the season of Christmas, Hanukkah, or whatever you celebrate, is about creating Heaven on Earth. It's the idea of experiencing a spiritual...

Separation is an Illusion

Separation is an IllusionBy Miche Lame We tend to talk about the fact that we are all connected; we are all children of Source, our...

The Shadow Self

The Shadow SelfBy Miche Lame We have all heard of the Shadow Self. According to Jung, this shadow self is kind of like the Freudian...

Transformation: Entering into the Unknown

Transformation: Entering into the Unknown By Miche Lame' I love all the seasons, and fall symbolizes a time of transformation into the unknown's discomfort. When our...

Creating Gratitude

Creating Gratitude By Miche Lame' We are told, a lot, to have an attitude of gratitude. What happens when you find yourself out of the...

A Labor of Love

A Labor of Love By Miche Lame' September is the month of Labor Day, a symbol of the contributions that laborers have made for the strength,...