A Harvest of Gratitude


A Harvest of Gratitude
By Tatiana Scavnicky

When I look back on the key things that have changed me for the better, practicing gratitude is at the top. Along with manifestation and the law of attraction, like attracts like, gratefulness is in the realm of magical thinking. I discovered very late in life that I could choose how I wanted to feel. Choosing your thoughts is like planting a garden. You put seeds into the ground with hope and expectations. You know that some of your seedlings will grow tall and beautiful. Maybe even rich and robust. We believe that something good could come out of those tender buds that become spry shoots, eventually turning golden and burnished with sunlight, ready for harvest. We take stock of what we’ve planted and what we’ve grown; of what we put our hearts and intentions into.

Gratitude is very much like that. We cultivate and nurture our blessings. We expect that something good will come from what we’re already thankful for. I think of gratitude as setting intentions, incantations we release to the universe. If all prayers are answered, then counting our blessings cannot go unnoticed. What you think about, you will have more of. It’s a universal law. Gratefulness is born from the heart. Sometimes an eager and wide-open heart is reaching for more, or a weary one is praying for less.

We’re deeply invested when we declare our gratefulness. Appreciation amplifies our gratitude. Love sends it straight up to heaven’s ears. “I’m grateful for my life, health, family and friends,” becomes “I’m healthy! I love my life and everyone in it!” Gratitude is beautifully soft and tender. It’s a deep “thank you” to a Higher Love that holds us all. It’s a bow to all that is here now and a blissful prayer of possibility for what’s to come.


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