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What Can Yoga Really Do For You?

What Can Yoga Really Do For You?


It seems like everywhere you turn, you see something about yoga. From sitcoms to car commercials, and even a beer commercial! We have yoga clothes, footwear, and “essentials” like yoga mat carrying cases and props. Is yoga’s incredible resurgence of interest a reflection of west meeting east, or are the baby boomers trying yet another trend to slow the pace of the inevitable aging process? There are those who will jump aboard any bandwagon trend, but anyone who really knows yoga will tell you it’s no trend. Yoga has been around for thousands of years for one simple reason: yoga works.

About the writer: Cindy Gray

Cindy Gray leads fascinating presentations featuring subjects from her book, The Spirit of Health: Mind-to-Toe Self-Care for Women. Topics include The Power of Dreams, Handwriting Analysis, and Tools of Self-Protection: wise ways to live safely in a sometimes unsafe world. www.cindygray.biz 734-266-2734