Beauty as Your Muse


Some summer mornings and into early fall, I bring my first cup of coffee with me to walk slowly and lazily around my block. I love the sun and the shade, and the way the trees filter the light. The warm wind holds branches in its gentle sway. I take my shoes off and sip, here and there stopping to take in the majesty of a grand mothering tree. I pause just a bit inside when yellow-green tree pollen dusts the sidewalk.

It’s so easy to see the beauty in other things, such as people and places. Beauty can open up a whole new world inside, like when we are impacted forever by another country, or a simple undiscovered garden we never noticed before in our own backyard. The way your favorite writers write and lovers love.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, they say. We see beauty in others and tumble inside. Sometimes willingly. Recognizing beauty in others can make us question whether or not we are beautiful, and we do the ‘measure-up’ thing. The souls who capture us are never perfect, but perfectly flawed. The gardens and age-old cities seduce us with stories buried in their cracks and imperfections. Beauty as truth is witnessing our own loveliness reflected back, when we see it outside ourselves.

The more we look for beauty and seek it out, the more we are charmed by what we see and who we are with. It’s the law of attraction in motion. “Seek and ye shall find.” Beauty heals us deeply. Music and literature we love elevates, beautifying us from the inside out. True beauty is authentic and natural. I recommend falling in love with trees, animals, places, and people, whenever you can.


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