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Egg Nog For Some Holiday Cheer

It is time for some holiday celebrating with a big cup of sweet, creamy Egg Nog; a beverage that many people enjoy while decorating the Christmas tree, or bringing in the New Year. Traditionally made with milk, and/or heavy cream, sugar and whipped eggs, I have created a version that is vegan and sugar-free. It […]

About the writer: Valerie Wilson

Valerie Wilson is a chef, author, counselor, and host of "Healthy Cooking with Macro Val" on BMSRadio. She teaches macrobiotic, vegan cooking classes in Westland, Mi.

Remember the Spirit

Remember the Spirit

Remember the Spirit Take a moment to take a deep breath. In and out. Go back to your childhood. What was your favorite thing about Christmas, or even about this time of year? Was it the tree? I can tell you personally for me it was always the lights. My bedroom window was higher, and […]

About the writer: Courtney Overfield

Courtney has been reading professionally for several years and has been studying and working in the metaphysical world since she was sixteen. Courtney is available for private appointments, mediumship, parties, events, phone readings, cleansings, blessings and more!

Presents with Presence

Presents with Presence

Presents with Presence With the holiday season in full swing, there is often an emphasis on finding the right presents for people in our lives. This part of the holiday experience can be really fun and enjoyable, as gift giving naturally fills up the giver as much as the person receiving the gift. From this […]

About the writer: Erin Stohl

Guided by the path of the heart, Erin supports others on the journey of remembering their True Self. She combines traditional, somatic, and spiritual psychotherapy with energy work, nutrition support and other mindfulness-based practices.

Another Helping of Holiday Happiness!

Another Helping of Holiday Happiness!

Another Helping of Holiday Happiness! All the festivities of the season – the sights, sounds, and foods – help make the holidays memorable. Cooking, baking, and eating special foods are a large part of holiday celebrations but overindulging or eating unusual foods can lead to gastrointestinal nightmares. Keep reading if you don’t want to remember […]

About the writer: Dr. William H. Karl, D.C.

Dr. William H. Karl, D.C., is a Certified Wellness Doctor with over 30 years of experience helping people become well and achieve optimal health.  With an extensive knowledge of the human body and a keen interest in applying new and advanced techniques, he is able to provide the finest care possible for each and every one of his patients! Visit his website to sign up for a free monthly newsletter, or call (734) 425-8220 to find out how you can start getting healthier!

The True Spirit of Christmas

On November 13, just as I completed this article about the true Spirit of Christmas, I turned on CNN News and watched the horrific siege of Paris in which as of this moment, over 150 people have been killed by terrorists. I wept tears for the people and their families and for all the people […]

About the writer: Chrissie Blaze

Chrissie is an astrologer, metaphysician and spiritual teacher. She is the author of eleven published books. Her websites are www.chrissieblaze. com and www.astrologycity.com

Being Free

A lot of us have mixed feelings about the holidays. Being with family and feeling trapped. Realizing we are repeating the same script over and over. What if we can practice being free this holiday season, and all year long? Anywhere and anytime? We create our own cage, and the bars are our own subconscious, […]

About the writer: Miche Lame'

Miche has been compassionately guiding people for over 25 years. Through Spiritual Living and Healing Miche utilizes Intuitive and Universal Principals to guide you in healing your emotional, mental, physical, & spiritual state. www.spirituallivingandhealing.com

A Creative Color Power Therapy Poem for You

‘Tis the season to be jolly… Not so Merry? Feeling a little blue? Well, I’ve got the answer for you…it’s time for some creative color power therapy for you! Holiday blues Sadly, the holiday season is not so holly jolly. For some, this time can be very stressful too; it brings up such feelings of […]

About the writer: Abby Lippit

Abby Lippitt, Is an extremely talented, gifted & intuituve artist with a vibrant, vivacious, “Abvacious”, unique style all her own. Abby has been practicing and studying art & metaphysics since she was a child. Inspired by animation and driven with the desire to express her love of the sadly underrated art medium in all its forms. It is her sincere wish that the rest of the world come to appreciate the sophistication & beauty held within the heart of the animation genre as she does. https://www.abvaciousvibe.com/home-1.html