In-Sight Ministries

In-Sight Ministries
In-Sight Ministries
Rev. Lisa
38580 Beecher Dr.
Sterling Heights

We’re all drawn, at one point in our lives or another, to someone who might have the answers we are seeking. When it comes to the metaphysical or spiritual side of life, direct answers are sometimes hard to find. As a life-long intuitive I have come to understand the world of spirit through extensive study and experience. Do you believe you’ve felt a loved ones’ presence and would like to communicate with them? Are you experiencing paranormal activity? Psychic and/or spiritual experiences are becoming more widely accepted as a fact, thus encouraging the seeker to continue a relationship with the deceased that they once thought was lost. As an ordained Spiritualist Minister and Psychic Medium, I offer you the opportunity to speak to those on the other side – helping you to heal the grief, bring closure to an event, say the words left unsaid, and reconnect with your loved ones. Whether you are a paranormal researcher, grieving the loss of a loved one, seeking spiritual growth, or simply curious, allow me to assist you.

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In-Sight Ministries

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