Energy Guide/Healer – Nada

Energy Guide/Healer – Nada
Title: Energy Guide/Healer – Nada
First Name: Nada
Last Name: Crystal
City: Detroit
State: Mich
Zip: 48235
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Nada Crystal is a dedicated energy guide/healer that has chosen to use her life lessons and struggles and victories with self-acceptance, suicide, and unproductive mental patterns to aid women, young women and teens who are struggling with the same and desiring guidance to their liberation.

Nadas healing practice is designed to tailor to the individual energy of one’s situation. She doesn’t believe in a one size fits all approach to healing or life for that matter. Her philosophy when guiding someone is, ” I can take the journey with you, however, I cannot take the journey for you.” There are many modalities Nada uses to aid one on their journey of liberation. Connect with her and see what’s right for you!

Phone: 1313-355-0579
Country: United States
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  • Energy Guide/Healer – Nada

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Listing Title: Energy Guide/Healer – Nada

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