Saint Michael Sanctuary

Saint Michael Sanctuary
El Nour

Saint Michael Sanctuary
A space dedicated to the Divine, anchored by the Archangel Michael,
Creator of the Water of Life.

An Oasis for those whose heart Is thirsty for a true connection with the Divine
And with the Divine Plan

The Saint Michael Sanctuary is a response to a call, a Divine command. It is an anchor point, a manifestation, on the physical plane, of the Archangel Michael’s Divine Presence on this planet.

The Saint Michael Sanctuary shall hold and radiate the Essence and vibration of the Archangel Michael, as well as the Essential frequency of the Divine Plan for Planet Earth. Amen.

Mankind evolves through cycles. At each turning point in history, Consciousness triggers:

A new step in the relationship between God and Human beings. That could result in different ways to connect with God (Religion, religare in Latin, to Connect).

The magnetic field of the Earth changes, concomitantly with the adjustments of the sacred geometry of the Earth and of the sacred sites. The sacred sites are the acupuncture points of the Earth-body. The main ones are the Chakras of the Planet.

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Saint Michael Sanctuary

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