Holistic Psychotherapist Jen Doktorcik, LMSW.

Holistic Psychotherapist Jen Doktorcik, LMSW.
Holistic Psychotherapist Jen Doktorcik, LMSW.
Doktorcik, LMSW
912 S. Old Woodward Blvd. Suite 200

Hi, my name is Jen Doktorcik, LMSW. I’m a Holistic Psychotherapist who believes that we inherently have the ability to heal ourselves, we just need the tools. Within a safe therapeutic relationship, we receive the guidance and support needed to mend past wounds, which can show up in a number of ways within our bodily systems. In our physical system, it may manifest as illness or pain. Emotionally we may feel anxiety, depression, and stress. Mentally we may experience recurring thoughts and habits. And within our spiritual system, we may feel disconnected from ourselves and others. Are you experiencing any of these issues?

I assist you in discovering and releasing limiting barriers, energetic or otherwise. I utilize mind-body therapeutic techniques including mindfulness-based interventions to help you become aware of thoughts and how these affect your feelings and behaviors. And also EFT, some people call it “tapping,” to disperse stuck energy.

I ensure a safe and welcoming environment in which I will join you on your journey of self-awareness, moving towards greater acceptance and help you to lead a more whole, authentic, and inspired life. If you would like further information please check out my website: www.wholebeingllc.com.

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Holistic Psychotherapist Jen Doktorcik, LMSW.

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