Free 45 minute Clarity Session -Phone session

Free 45 minute Clarity Session -Phone session
Free 45 minute Clarity Session -Phone session
Farmington Hills

You will become crystal clear about what you desire. Let me rephrase that: become crystal clear about what YOU desire. Not society, not your upbringing, not your partner, not your boss or customers, nor past live energies.

Together we focus on what you want to create in life and we find your “why nots” – the deeply rooted beliefs you have about why you can’t achieve the success you dream of. As an intuitive coach I will pick up immediately where you are sabotaging yourself.

What limiting beliefs are blocking you to get there? Which energies are stopping you? Using a combination of modalities we will erase the root causes of these limitations. Of course we also use the Creating Beyond Clearings©.

For each situation that comes up (work, family, love, etc.) we discover your truth and define the actions to take. Which actions work for you and which won’t.

I teach you how to become self-reliant. How to tune into your inner-knowing when you have to make choices and mute limiting beliefs and other people’s voices.

I’m your biggest cheerleader. No judgement, no harsh words. With kindness and truth I will guide you towards your goals.

I give you the targeted support, guidance and accountability you need to profoundly change every aspect of your life. If you’re ready… I’m ready!

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Free 45 minute Clarity Session -Phone session

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