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Washington Twp.
https://www.reiki4me.com - Rev. Kristina Greene, Evidential Spiritual Psychic Medium & Healer. Please call or email for appointment. E: [email protected] or C: 586-201-7438
NEW BOOK: This book explains about the different soul groups on the planet today, find yourself in the pages of this book! crystal children and so much more! available at www.authorhouse.com & amazon.com, and at www.StarLightConnection.com
586 372-6138
Ann Arbor
Our team of experts helps you determine the cause of your symptoms and then determine what your body needs to support the healing process. Nutrition Response Testing and EFT, forms of muscle testing, are utilized to determine which organs in your body need help and why. We then recommend diet modification and whole food supplements to promote true organ and tissue repair. Symptoms go away and your health is improved! It’s that simple!! We have helped thousand and thousands of people.
Whole Body Health and Wellness Center offers an Holistic Approach to healing your Mind, Body and Spirit. We offer Counseling, Ionic Foot Detoxification, Massage Therapy, Weight Management and Therapeutic Essential Oils.

Start your Cleanse Today!

Visit us at 22341 West 8 Mile Road in Detroit or Call us at 313-326-4989 to schedule your appointment today!
an excellent book to learn the different facets of numerology
Sterling Heights
Best of Traditional and Holistic Medicine
West Bloomfield
Accessing Inner Wisdom, Inc.
Distance Sound Healing Session including MP3 sound recording of chant with Chakuna Machi Asa that you can listen to over and over again to open and activate your energy body. This session will help you to release blockages in your energy holding you back from your true clear path to wholeness and functioning life presence.
Gentle Acupressure Therapy based on Oriental healing principles