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Health Practitioners

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West Bloomfield
Beayurvedic Center
Beayurvedic wellness center offers authentic Ayurvedic services and educational means to help generate a healthy and cheerful life
Hypnotherapy and behavior modification services.
Healing Lotus Center
Open the window of infinite possibility through the power of healing touch.
(248) 972-8231
Holistic Psychotherapist Jen Doktorcik, LMSW.
Holistic Psychotherapist, LMSW, who works with you to balance your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual systems by utilizing a variety of therapeutic techniques including mindfulness, self-compassion and EFT.
Mental Health Counselor & Life Coach
We all have “stuff” from our lives that we may not have process or received closure on. These things often loom in our subconscious and have invisible power over out lives. The invisible power often makes us unhappy, depressed, anxious and tired. I can help you create a different picture in your head.
Ann Arbor
Our team of experts helps you determine the cause of your symptoms and then determine what your body needs to support the healing process. Nutrition Response Testing and EFT, forms of muscle testing, are utilized to determine which organs in your body need help and why. We then recommend diet modification and whole food supplements to promote true organ and tissue repair. Symptoms go away and your health is improved! It’s that simple!! We have helped thousand and thousands of people.