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Gentle Acupressure Therapy based on Oriental healing principles
Specializing in Bowenwork! The amazing bodywork technique from Australia! Great for back and neck pain, frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, hip, knee and ankle pain, TMJ & more!! Practicing bodywork since 1996!
Beayurvedic Center
Beayurvedic wellness center offers authentic Ayurvedic services and educational means to help generate a healthy and cheerful life
Hypnotherapy and behavior modification services.
Certified Xolar Vibronics Wholistic Health Educator and Natural Lifestyle Coach
Ann Arbor
Ikaro is the director of the Xolistic Health Center located here in Ann Arbor where he offers Certified Xolar Vibronics Holistic Health Education, Natural Lifestyle Coaching, Chakra Balancing, Natural Detoxification Programs as well as Talks and Classes. Ikaro works with people one on one and in small groups develop consciousness about our role as beings in the creation, eliminating artificial ways of living which do not resonate with our true being and using practical methods for self healing as well as healing for our planet and universe according to how the Mother has passed and instructed us to do from the beginning. To schedule an appointment or to find out more about events and services you can contact (734) 210-0463 [email protected] or visit xolistichealth.com
Garden City
Lifescape Counseling LLC is located in Garden City Michigan. We provide psychotherapy, life coaching, and hypnotherapy. Please visit our website for more details.
Beyond Better Hypnotherapy strives to help others lead better, brighter more balanced lives in a healthy, positive environment. Let us give you the tools you need to improve your life for the better.
248 797-9506
Lotus Healing Arts Center
Healing music, inspirational songs and christian healing music are some of what Music for the Soul can offer to visitors. Music for the Soul is inspired by human experience and the compassion of Christ and creates songs and videos to help people through pain.
Numerologist & Tarot Consultant
Professional Numerologist/Tarot Reader
(248) 557-5730