The Energy of Loving Relationships


h Love sustains. Love heals. Love conquers all. Perfect for Valentine’s Day and true at the deepest level of life, for love is who we are. It is the energy of life. Good words, yes, but what does it mean day to day? How do I put this into practice to create loving relationships?

To do so requires an understanding of how energy moves between people. The primary vehicle for the distribution of energy is through the body’s chakra system. Chakras receive and discharge energy, like transformers.

Four Levels Of Connection

At first, love is usually physical and sexual. The sex chakra located on the pubic bone is actively sending energy to your partner and their sex chakra is receiving energy. As the energy exchange continues, an invisible energy cord connects both chakras to facilitate the exchange of energy. This is why you may “ache” for the person even when you are not in their presence. As you spend more time together and nurture the relationship, a new cord begins to form at the chest level. This cord is emotional in nature and is connected to the heart chakra. As couples spend time together they think of things to do together, discuss ideas and concepts and connect mentally. Moving beyond the mind, there is yet a fourth level of connection; it is at the spiritual level and that is where unconditional love exists.

The Universe Conspires

All relationships experience these connections in various degrees as the Universe conspires to bring us into alignment with our higher soul and into a state of unconditional love. Doing so requires the movement of energy up from the sex chakra, to the heart and finally to the crown. As we move from the physical to the emotional, the love energy and heart chakra expands. Love nurtures the spiritualization of the body as it triggers the crown chakra to open. As the crown opens, more spiritual energy pours into the body and the aura expands even more.

None of this can happen when our bodies are full of dirty stress energies and the cords to others are clogged. As we go through life together, energy between these chakras shifts so that what once might have been sexual is now less so. The heart connection that was once free flowing gets clogged with obstructive thoughts, criticisms and judgments. No matter what a couple does they cannot seem to change. In fact, change will be difficult if the cords are clogged with dirty energy. How do I get the energy cleared so that I may enjoy loving relationships?

Transmuting Low Energies

One of the ways to clear dirty energy and improve relationships is to transmute the energy. This means altering it from a lower form to a higher form. With respect to relationships, one of the most powerful and simplest tools is forgiveness.

Most of us keep an inventory of everything the other person did that hurt us so we can use it to come out on top in the next argument. But such a strategy is self-perpetuating. The relationship will either fail or remain lifeless.

At one time, this was my life. If you want a thriving, passionate, joyful life, this is not the way to bring it about. I made it all about her, how she was wrong and she was the one who needed to change. This just led me to more anger, more stress, more anxiety, more unhappiness and finally a separation in our marriage. Nothing changed until we each decided to take back our power. I forgave me. I forgave her. She forgave herself and me. We cleared the energy within us that was not in alignment with love. The Lord’s Prayer guides us, “Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.” To receive forgiveness you must give forgiveness.

All of us have made mistakes. It is how we learn. It is the process of spiritual evolution. Forgiveness is not a matter of who is right or wrong; it is a matter of doing the right thing. To begin to change your relationship, try this simple exercise.

What To Do

Silently say the following prayer. The other person does not need to know.

“Forgive me for any transgressions I have made against you as I forgive you for any transgressions you have made against me. We all make mistakes. It is part of the learning process. Thank you for forgiving me. As God forgives me, I forgive you. I am free. You are free. Breath and Relax.”

“Now see the cord between your heart center and that of your partner becoming clearer. See it getting brighter and bigger. Imagine you are in the light of the sun. See any grey, dirty energy being released into the air being transformed and burned up by the sun. Breathe and relax. Continue to forgive and see the dirty energy being burned up by the sun.”

Notice how much lighter and peaceful you feel. Since other cords connected to your partner will clear, this is one of the fastest ways to feel more connected.

Activating the heart chakra and then the crown is also one of the fastest ways to spiritual evolution. So thank your partner. They are in your life for lots of reasons not the least of which is to help your soul evolve.

Dave Krajovic

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