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Healing with Cacao and Bass – **Pre-Registration Event**

March 5 @ 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Get into the deep healing space that Momma Cacao and the deep Bass bring for the soul.

Join Alicia Clark-Teper and Raven Eaddy on March 5th 7pm $50.00

We will begin the evening with the plant spirit of Cacao. Momma Cacao is like a hug from the inside out, filling you with unconditional love and nutrients to support your body. The Anandamide”Bliss Molecule” is the perfect pair to the magical music of Raven, allowing the music and molecules to make alterations to your bliss factor.
100% Pure Ceremonial Cacao is a special & sacred plant medicine for the heart that helps us open up, heal gently, invite more creativity, joy and clarity into our lives.

We come together in community, connect with our heart a little bit deeper, and with each other. Our sacred journey can be more enjoyable and accelerated when surrounded by community.
With each cup of cacao, we set an intention, join in circle, connect with each other, learn a bit about the power of cacao, go through a guided mediation and Reiki journey, and come back to a circle sharing of whatever may be opening up for you in that moment.
** Due to the nature of making cacao ahead of time, we require a commitment by 5pm March 5th.

Alicia serves Keith’s Cacao, which is known to be one of the most purest and potent cacaos — made with the utmost integrity.

Here is a link to read about the amazing benefits of cacao:

***Please see important ceremony info below***

* No caffeine intake for 6 hours before (and after) as it can be overstimulating
* No dairy products on the day of the ceremony, as they counteract the benefits of cacao and can cause stomach aches
* Fast 2-3 hours prior to ceremony for an optimal experience. Listen to your body. For low blood sugar eat whole foods or bring a snack. Cacao itself is quite filling.
***Please message Alicia private if you have any of the following***
* if you are on any MAOI-based or SSRI-based anti-depressants
* if you have any heart conditions
* If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding
What to bring to ceremony:

– Begin an intention!
– Journal & pen
– For the altar: bring a scared object (you will take it back with you) or an offering (ex: flower, fruit, leaves, or feathers)
– Water bottle
– Wear comfy clothing
– Snack, if you’d like
– Bring blankets/pillow for the Reiki journey if you would like to lay down and get comfortable
We look forward to co-creating magic with you!
A little about Raven,

Raven is a bassist whose musical practice is rooted in the idea that vibrations people create when in communion with creative energy opens up space for healing, for everyone in the room. She is on earth to connect people to themselves and build community in the process. Raven believes that once we are able to begin to fall in love with ourselves, we are able to align ourselves in our purpose and fully be our own unique part of our lovely ecosystem on earth.

Doors open at 6:45pm
For Tickets Visit [CenterPeaceHealing.com](http://centerpeacehealing.com/?fbclid=IwAR3aMW9ocmVjKgPwJ23UB-Rabf9fX8qH3Qjd9rDgw4MwzBFKiv-yZaI7BEI)

To answer questions please DM @Alicia Clark-Teper of Sacred Lotus Experience

or email to clarkteper@yahoo.com


March 5
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM