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Truth Empowered Relationships: Healing Through Feeling

August 19 @ 10:00 AM - August 20 @ 4:00 PM

**Conversations derail. Separation grows. Relationships fall apart. *Why?***

Maybe we didn’t listen with sensitivity. Maybe we didn’t express ourselves with clarity. Maybe there are things we didn’t express at all —even to ourselves.

What if there were a way to be in relationships where everything is said in a way that can be heard, where nothing is left unsaid, and where the result is more authentic intimacy than you ever knew was possible?

**Welcome to Truth Empowered Relationships℠: Healing Through Feeling.**

Your most important relationships are opportunities, not just to connect with someone else, but to reconnect with you, with the essence of who you really are. Truth Empowered Relationships℠ will transform your life by illuminating your relationships.

Like learning the rules of a game, we study the Truth Empowered Relationships℠ model and structure—the TERms.Once we are grounded in the TERms, we start playing the most interesting game on earth: the game of understanding yourself and another human being fully.

Your relationships will be more alive, more fulfilling and more free. And the confusion and frustration of failed relationships will give way to a sense of confidence and ease.

Truth-Empowered Relationships℠ supports growth and supercharges healing. By relying on our emotions and senses to communicate, we return to the natural flow of who we really are. In that flow are our voice, our answers, our gifts, our effortless power, our unique purpose…and our authentic happiness.

**Unlearn with us. Decondition. Reconnect to yourself. Fall in love with being in relationships. Experience an evolution in interpersonal communication with Truth-Empowered Relationships℠.**

*This workshop is open only to the first 50 attendees*

**CenterPeace Troy**
**2609 Crooks Rd,**
**Troy, MI 48084**

August 19-20, 2023
10:00 am-6:00 pm on Sat, August 19
10:00 am-4:00pm on Sun., August 20
**An optional additional Saturday dinner exercise will begin at approximately 6:00 PM. You will have the option to remain at CenterPeace to complete it in community.*
**Carry-in options will be available.*
**Lodging not included.*


$399 couples
$299 individuals


1. We’ll be seated on the floor, so please ensure your comfort with

* yoga mat
* folding floor chair or pillow(s)
* blanket(s)
* water bottle
* a shirt or jacket in case you feel cold
*A small journal will be provided.*

2. Whether you’re a couple or not, each attendee must bring a list of three things you don’t like, wish were different, or want to change about your relationships.
*Couples: please work on your lists independently, and don’t share or discuss them with each other before the workshop.*


Marshall Zweig is a Featured Life Coach for Ingomu, where he live-streams with a nationwide interactive community, sharing his transformational Truth-Empowered Relationships℠: Healing Through Feeling method. He was inspired to create his method because of psychological challenges he faced in his own life.

Marshall has been an interpersonal coach since 2003, and an intimacy coach and resensitization specialist since 2017. Marshall has extensive experience in the world’s most transformational personal growth techniques, including Non-Violent Communication, Neurolinguistic Programming, and Avatar EPC. He is a graduate of five years of advanced training with Personal Growth University, where he led weekly workshops in emotional wellness for eight years. Marshall has a BBA from the University of Michigan, and diplomas in Coaching and in Organizational Psychology from Austin Peay University.

Through his website, [marshallzweig.com](http://marshallzweig.com/), Marshall helps individuals, couples and families create more rich, supportive and fulfilling relationships.

***To purchase tickets:*** [centerpeacehealing.com](https://www.centerpeacehealing.com/event-details/troy-truth-empowered-relationships-healing-through-feeling)


August 19 @ 10:00 AM
August 20 @ 4:00 PM


2609 Crooks Rd
2609 Crooks Rd
Troy, MI 48084 us