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Weekly Tarot Study Group with Nicholas O’Donnell

April 9, 2023 @ 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM

**Weekly Tarot Study Group with Nicholas O’Donnell**

Sundays 6:30-8 pm
at Enlightened Soul Center, 2711 Carpenter Rd. Ann Arbor

By Donation, suggested donation 10$

By combining the use of the deep study of the Tarot arts, meditation, and community we can better understand ourselves and each other. The Tarot is a key to the subconscious, just like all intuitive and mystical tools. This group is intended to provide a support group and community for those who so chose to use the Intuitive, Metaphysical, and Mystical Device. Each meeting will consist of a focused topic of discussion, the first 22 meetings will be focused on the Major arcana with open discussion focused on anything associated with the card of the Day/Week.

Email [Nicksvictorygardens@gmail.com](mailto:Nicksvictorygardens@gmail.com) to find out the topic for the week

Ultimately members of the group will find the passion and drive to have the desire to present to the group. For example, if the focus is the Empress, a group member may volunteer to prepare a presentation of the Empress from their perspective to better express their spiritual, emotional, and intellectual thought-form. These presentations can be done in powerpoints, creating interactive activities, meditations, music, art etc any form of creative expression that the group member so chooses to express. The specific dates for the specific cards are as followed below. If you’re joining in the middle of the series no problem, just study the card of the week.

After the open discussion and or presentations, any members that have questions about the topic or any topic about tarot may ask. After questions, a 25-minute Mindfulness meditation that is focused on the tarot will conclude the formal meeting the first time. The members of the Group may stay and converse after the formal meeting is concluded. If any insight or arisings happen during the meditation this is a time for members to share their experiences.

This is a community-building exercise to better get to know ourselves and the Tarot through each other so participation and sharing are highly encouraged! This is a sacred space where we will only show encouragement for creativity, love, and unity. There are no right or wrong answers, only expressions of creative Will!

As stated, this is a sacred study group. We believe that by bringing knowledge, wisdom, creativity, encouragement, perspective, and community to each other we are bringing the group closer to the Source of existence.

If you need some resources for research and reading please reach out as there is a plethora of material on Tarot and it’s easy to get lost.
Please email or call if anyone has any questions or concerns about the reflections or information presented. Let’s have some fun and express our creative esoteric Will!

Nicholas ODonnell


April 9, 2023
6:30 PM - 8:00 PM


Enlightened Soul Center & Shop
2711 Carpenter Rd
Ann Arbor, MI 48108 us