Advanced Expanding Your Consciousness (Tele-Workshop)

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Date(s) - August 27
1:00 PM - 4:30 PM

Create By Vibration LLC


Your Freedom in the Physical World & Beyond

Prerequisite:   Expanding Your Consciousness Workshop

Get ready to go beyond what you experienced in the Expanding Your Consciousness ~ Journeying Beyond the Limits of the Physical Workshop (Prerequisite).

Now that you are ready, you have the ability to go anywhere you desire, even places you may not be aware of at this time.

You can visit other worlds, dimensions, and planes of existence, connecting with other people, other beings and creatures you could only experience in sci-fi movies.

You are limitless in what you can do and where you can go.

What you discover and experience in this workshop will allow you to continue to expand on your own as much as you desire.


Please note…this process is not about astral travel/projection, which has you “leaving” your physical body, connected by a silver cord, and traveling outside of your body. With this process, you do not “leave” your physical body, but instead expand your consciousness beyond it. You can open your eyes at any time to be present in the physical again. If you want to think of it this way…only a small portion of your soul’s essence is actually “in” your physical body, the rest is outside, beyond it. It is actually too large and powerful for your physical form to contain all of it, so it is outside of you and most people never know how to connect with that larger and limitless part of it. You can liken your consciousness to your mind. Your mind really isn’t within your brain. As a matter of fact, scientists are not sure exactly where your mind is. So, if it is actually the soul essence part of you that is larger than the physical parts of you, then that is what they are talking about when they say that humans only use 5% of their mind and that incredible potential and limitlessness is available if they learned to use and access more of it. Imagine what you can do when you discover how to access and utilize more of your consciousness than most people even know to is there?



Tele-workshops are being offered via a conference line where you can call in by phone or Skype from anywhere you are. These workshops are being offered in the high vibrational energy, and to keep them intimate, spots are limited.


You will learn:

Take the Expanding Your Consciousness Workshop to the next level(s)

Connect with anyone in this world, other worlds, planes of existence, dimensions, parallel universes and other realities

Communicate with animals and creature on this planet that you couldn’t otherwise due to their location or aggressive nature, such as sharks and cobras

Travel to other planets, solar systems, planes of existence, dimensions, parallel universes and other realities, exploring them in greater detail

Increase your vibrational frequency to higher dimensional levels beyond even the 12 commonly mentioned dimensions, being able to hold, and get acclimated to, the higher vibrations in your human form

Continue to heighten your physical senses (hypersensitivity) and sense of awareness of the energy moving around you

Continue to increase your intuition and sensitivity to subtle energies

Access your light grid to consciously create, and allow, shifts in it and become more

Go on ‘vacation’ anytime and anywhere, relieving the stress in your life aware of the collective and earth light grid

Become aware of and access numerous portalways and vortexes

Through your connection with all energy and things, you can consciously create shifts on a larger scale with the collective and earth energies, such as influencing the weather

Travel to higher vibrational levels of “heaven” and Source energy

Experiential Energetic Exercises to Expand Your Consciousness Even More



The workshop will be recorded and you will receive access to the audio recording so that you can review it again to go back over what was taught and shared, as well as be able to receive new insights and information as your consciousness continues to expand. 

Most of the workshops that I have attended do not offer a recording and, unless you take really good notes or purchase a book that is offered, you may be unable to recall a large amount of the information. And, during the workshop, it is most beneficial to be participating in the exercises and allowing yourself to consume the information both consciously and subconsciously, and taking notes can keep you from doing that in the moment. I personally like recorded information that I can review over and over and receive all the  benefit and value I can, so I am offering that to you as well.


You Receive All This For…

ONLY $128



Limited Spots Available, So Don’t Wait to Claim Yours! Register NOW!

Register for both this Workshop (tele-workshop) and the Expanding Your Consciousness Workshop (tele-workshop) for the special investment of…

Only $228



Limited Spots Available, So Don’t Wait to Claim Yours! Register NOW!

**Registration ends 24 hours before event or when limited spots are filled**


What to bring:

An open, curious mind and heart
Note book or pad of paper and pen/pencil