The Centered You Workshop

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Date(s) - October 12
7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

6th Sensation


Your Place of Wholeness, Freedom and Value to Create the Best in Your Life



Imagine feeling in charge of your energy…no longer feeling scattered, overwhelmed or anxious more often than you would like to.

It is a common occurrence with most people to feel those emotions beyond what they would like to in their daily lives. It just seems to happen with the busyness of life and all that life demands in a day.

Is it healthy to experience life this way? Not really since it causes stress on your body, mind and soul.

How do they show up in your life?

Feeling scattered shows up as forgetfulness, spaciness and being pulled in all sorts of directions by and for others;

Feeling overwhelmed shows up as a feeling of too much going on at once and out of your control because it is happening to you;

Feeling anxious shows up as heightened worry about things you don’t even know what you are worrying about or the things you do feeling as if they are extreme;

Feeling stressed shows up often as being frustrated, irritated and agitated more easily than you would like to be, causing the feeling of guilt for reacting that way with others once the situation has ended and you have come down from those feelings.

So, what can you do about it?

A way to curb those feelings is to become centered. When you are in a place of feeling centered within yourself, you are in charge of where you choose to direct your energy, time and choices. You have more clarity to make the best choices for you and to feel confident, and trust yourself, in the ones you do make.

Without the fogginess that those feelings bring, you are able to come from a place of wholeness in connecting with who you really are, grounded in the freedom of that connection, and feeling worthy of how your life is unfolding for you.

You will also increase your awareness of…

Being in a place of greater compassion and love for yourself and others;

Your value in yourself and what you deserve in your life…

You are meant to live the best life possible for you, so take charge of your energy and live it!


What others are experiencing from the process…

Increased self love

Increased energy levels and feeling more upbeat

Increased positive interactions with others, particularly those who had been more negative in the past

Experiencing more at peace and calm in daily life and situations with others

Expansiveness feeling of heart opening to more love and compassion for yourself and others

Release of past emotional wounds that have been held on to and still influencing your current experiences

Calmer, more thought through responses to emotionally charged, stressful or upsetting situations and interactions that usually would illicit an in-the-moment heated reactive response

Sandra Smith Henley, of Southgate, shares about attending the workshop and using the process
I connected with Tammy when I took her college class and find what she shares to be valuable and interesting information. Things she has shared with me have brought new insight into my life and have improved the quality and experiences of it. When she offered her new The Centered You workshop, I was interested. After attending the workshop, which was another well taught class by Tammy, she invited us to do the process for at least 30 days to create new habits in how we think and feel. I have been doing the process over 30 days now and I do feel a difference in my life. Thus far, I feel more centered; have more peace of mind; noticing what’s not best for me is moving out of my life; haven’t had any disagreements with anyone; feel more positive; and am re-thinking my life with the very best in mind for me. The process is very easy to do and, after doing it for 30 days, it has now become a habit. I plan to continue the exercises because of the positive results I am experiencing. I do believe my life has changed for the better from working with this process and I would recommend the class for everyone who wants to be more centered in their life. And, who wouldn’t? Thank you very much Tammy for this life changing process!


This workshop is being offered in the high vibrational energy of 6th Sensation in Westland. Contact 6th Sensation at 734.331.6400. Register online or at 6th Sensation. Early registration pricing available.

Seating is very limited to make this an intimate space that will allow you to receive the most value and opportunity to interact for asking questions so you will get the most from the experience.


You will learn:

Why being consciously centered and in charge of your energy each day is imperative

How having your energetic resources all over the place create the feelings of being scattered, overwhelmed, anxious and overly stressed in your daily life

Finding freedom in forgiveness and moving into a greater space of love and compassion

Connecting with your value and worth to experience the best in your life, not having to settle for just okay or good enough anymore

Experiential Energetic Process to Bring Yourself Back to Center and Reprogram You for the Best in Your Life


If we were taught this, particularly at a young age, how we experience our life would be so different. The feeling of being centered in our own energy and having a deeper compassion, love and value for ourselves and all others would create a different kind of world that we live in, with more of all of those for everyone.

E Jackson, of Canton, shares about attending the workshop and using the process…
My experience with attending The Centered You workshop Tammy offers is that I have I experienced days of calmness and patience in situations where I normally would have gotten bent out of shape. I was more susceptible to accessing situations before taking certain actions and I had more energy to get things done. Some day’s situations that normally would have drawn undesirable actions from me, I viewed with love.  In short, my days felt more balanced and right. I didn’t do the process as consistently as suggested, mainly because I forgot, but I have still received desirable results and experiences from it.


The workshop will be recorded and you will receive access to the audio recording so that you can review it again to go back over what was taught and shared, as well as be able to receive new insights and information as your consciousness continues to expand. 

Most of the workshops that I have attended do not offer a recording and, unless you take really good notes or purchase a book that is offered, you may be unable to recall a large amount of the information. And, during the workshop, it is most beneficial to be participating in the exercises and allowing yourself to consume the information both consciously and subconsciously, and taking notes can keep you from doing that in the moment. I personally like recorded information that I can review over and over and receive all the  benefit and value I can, so I am offering that to you as well.

You will also receive a copy of the process you will learn about for easy reference.

Jen Mantooth, of Canton, shares about attending the workshop and using the process…
I have been working with Tammy for many years now, so when she offers something new, I am always ready to get involved right away. Her newest workshop The Centered You process is another one of  her great offerings. Since beginning the process, it has allowed me to expand and open to even more to possibilities available for me than I could have imagined. I resonated with the personal value part of the process the most and I still keep saying the statements to myself throughout the day. By doing so, I’ve experienced people and opportunities showing up for me in incredible ways. Situations continue to get better and better to the point I truly feel I got the best of what I desired.
I am currently starting up a new business and this has helped me in the creation and belief in the success of it. It is also assisting me in thoughts of my relationship and knowing the dynamics which are needing to be shifted going into the future. I am working with the other parts of the process as well and they have brought to my attention where my energy has been going the majority of the time which is not serving me well. I am happy to be making room for healthier and productive thoughts in creating more of what I want in my life. The process is easy to do, although when so many the good things were showing up, I sometimes forget to do the process daily. The results of the process as a whole for me have been very positive and great. I feel like Tammy led my soul to teach my consciousness how to process thoughts in a healthy, calming, way which feels like it resonates deeply when I do the practices. Thank you! You are a great teacher Tammy, I loved this class and what it is doing for me!



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What to bring:

An open, curious mind and heart
Note book or pad of paper and pen/pencil