Channeled Higher Wisdom Workshop

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Date(s) - May 6
1:00 PM - 4:00 PM



What life questions would you ask of a higher divine consciousness where you could receive answers specific to your personal situation?

Questions about your…
• Finances, prosperity and abundance ~ experiencing more of it
• Relationships with family, friends and romantically ~ having them be more harmonious, loving and happy
• Body and health ~ creating the level of feeling good you desire
• Spiritual growth and expansion ~ connecting with your higher self

And anything else your heart or mind would like to have confirmation, clarity and understanding around!

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“Interacting with AllThatIs was a very eye-opening experience, and I was able to even have my questions answered before I asked them because of the conversations other guests had first. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for more clarity in his/her life.”
Melissa R. ~ Livonia, MI

* Imagine receiving confirmation that allows you to trust your own “knowing” regarding the choices and decisions you are making, or facing, in your life.

* Imagine receiving clarity on your next best step and moving forward confidently.

* Imagine having a greater understanding of who you are and the path you are on in your life, allowing you to feel more into your purpose and who you are becoming because of it.

“I received surprising and powerful clarity for how to proceed with my passion and work. The insights received from Tammy [AllThatIs] are incredible. I am so appreciative for this workshop.”
F.G.S. ~ Ann Arbor, MI

Often we don’t take the forward-moving steps in our life, stepping outside our comfort zone, that we know would change everything or make our life better because of some underlying belief or fear that holds us back.

We hope and wish that we could just have a way to “know” that we are on the right path, that we are making choices that will serve us best or that we want to feel someone is there with us believing in it too.

If you are seeking these higher levels of living, you are likely someone who believes in a benevolent greater consciousness, whether you want to refer to that as God/Source/The Universe/Creator, or whatever resonates with you, knowing that it is supporting you along your journey.

You may communicate with it through prayer or meditation, even receiving responses or signs that “speak” to you and offer a level of guidance, but they may not always be as clear and obvious as you would like.

It is really a conscious connection that you might be searching for that would allow you to receive an immediate and clear response to your questions.

And this is totally possible!

How, you may ask???

“AllThatIs helped me to see and understand why I have pain in my body and guided me on releasing the pain by helping me to know specifically what emotion created the pain in the first place. The pain “immediately” subsided and my energy lightened up.”
Helen ~ Detroit, MI

AllThatIs is the higher divine, universal wisdom consciousness that encompasses all things. It is the lowest vibrational level accessible in the human experience to the all-knowing, expanded consciousness that is referred to as God/Source/The Universe/Creator, or whatever resonates with you.

If you ever wanted to talk to “God,” this would be it.

As if “God” were right there with you, and you are simply having a conversation, receiving support, guidance and a listening ear in a safe, loving space.

Maybe you have experienced other channels, such as Esther Hicks and Abraham, Sheila Gillette and THEO, and Seth to name a few. AllThatIs encompasses all of those collective consciousnesses and more.

If you are not familiar with channeling, channeling is the ability to allow higher vibrational information and consciousness to flow through you and be open to receiving it. With AllThatIs, they speak directly through the channel, Tammy Braswell, so they are there with you in an intimate way.

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“I have been stuck in very low energy for most of a couple years and extremely so the last 6 months. I felt extremely elevated and expanded energetically. My takeaways were very confirming.”
Patricia Lang ~ Birmingham, MI

The Group Workshop Experience

In our Group Workshops, you’ll get the opportunity to ask AllThatIs your questions to gain more clarity, confirmation and understanding so you can live your life as the best version of yourself.

The YOU your soul intended you to be!

These Group Workshops are a more intimate and close-up experience with AllThatIs than in Public and Online Events.

“The workshop was a very loving and supportive event which helps me to feel open to share and ask my questions. Tammy’s [AllThatIs] answers were very helpful and clear, making them easy to apply to daily life.”
Marcy ~ Westland, MI

How will this workshop benefit me?

* You’ll get to talk with all-knowing, expanded consciousness and ask questions about life, love, health, happiness or whatever is important to you.
* You’ll receive action steps that you can choose to implement to create change and transformation in your life from your interaction with AllThatIs.
* Each workshop is unique and flows from the questions and inquiries of all who participate.
* You’ll be in a high-vibrational energy field for several hours which can activate improvements in you down to the cellular level.
* You’ll even receive an MP3 recording download so that you can play back the entire workshop for even deeper integration of your answers as well as the answers of the other participants.

“During the session, I experienced chills which were confirmation of truth. I truly obtained information personally related to me via the questions, or rather answers, that were given to others.”
J Michelle ~ Detroit, MI

What are the benefits of being in this unique, high-vibrational energy field?

* High-vibrational energy permeates your energy field and body with activations and healings for your highest good to assist you in living your soul’s intended expression of itself in this lifetime.
* Your cells and DNA will shift to assist in your physical structure in acclimating to the higher vibrational energy you receive.
* You will experience movement and dissipation of stagnant, blocked and old energies in your body and energy field that are ready to be cleared, released and healed so that you can move into the next higher vibrational frequency.
* You will be more open to receiving and experiencing greater awarenesses and expansion of your consciousness so that new information, from your energy field, soul and even infinite wisdom, can become part of your experience now.

“I had a question around a burning issue I was feeling really angry and frustrated. Now I feel completely at peace and clear on what I want to do going forward. My biggest awareness was that I need to spend more time focused on loving myself in all aspects of my life.”
Shannon ~ Northville, MI

How should I prepare to have the best possible experience at a Group Workshop?

+ Relax! These workshops are a lot of fun! AllThatIs has a great sense of humor and they create a safe and loving space for you to be part of.
+ Bring a notepad and pen if you’d like to take notes. You’ll be receiving an MP3 download of the entire workshop afterwards so there’s no need to capture every idea in the moment.
+ Be thinking about the question you’d like to ask AllThatIs in advance. The clearer you are about your question, the clearer the answer will be that you will receive!
+ Stay on a single subject if possible. Changing subjects can prevent us from absorbing the answer we received to our initial question.
+ Know that you’ll also receive answers from the responses to questions of others as well, some that you may not even realize were important to you until that moment!
+ The order of who gets to talk with AllThatIs will be chosen randomly in advance and will be posted on the sign-in sheet.
+ We will have regular breaks. Please dress comfortably we will be sitting most of the time.
+ We will supply coffee, tea, water and a few snacks. Feel free to bring your own food or drinks.
+ Expect to have an amazing, life-changing experience!

“I not only felt the acceptance of asking for and allowing help, which was recommended by AllThatIs, but the energy shift was palpable. I immediately was surrounded with love and support, and was offered support and help from others in the group. Emotionally, spiritually and physically, I was changed and given gifts. Thank you!”
Susan Green ~ Belleville, MI

These workshops fill up fast, so don’t delay!

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