Empathic Teen

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Date(s) - March 23
6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Create By Vibration LLC


Helping Your Teen Girl in a World of Emotional Noise

Does your teen seem distant or withdrawn? Does she talk of suicide or is she physically hurting herself? Is she depressed or does she mention that she ends up feeling like those she is hanging out with, when it isn’t how she actually feels?

This younger generation came in as more sensitive to the energy of everything and being able to feel the emotional state of others. When you feel what others are feeling, you are considered empathic, and to some degree we all are, but this highly sensitive generation doesn’t understand, nor have they been taught to, and so they have all these emotions inside of them that they don’t know where they came from or what to do with them.

Because of this, they can become withdrawn or want to be alone so they don’t “feel” everyone else. They may cut, or cause pain to, themselves in physical ways so that they feel they have a level of control over how, and what, they are feeling. They may be feeling in a good place until they get around friends, classmates or others who are in a low feeling place and then they go to that place too.

Your teen doesn’t know how to control how they are feeling; why they are feeling like they do; or why their feelings can change so quickly.

What if they could understand more of why they are feeling what they are feeling and how to move into a place where they can have more conscious choice over what they are feeling? Would that allow for life to be emotionally easier and happier for you and them?

Discovering what it is that has them feeling the way they do and how to shift it in ways that help them feel better and more in control of their own feelings can shift your relationship with them, which is already complicated just because they are a teen, and the way they show up in the world in their relationships with friends, life choices they are making, and how well they do in school.

It doesn’t feel good to feel out of control of your internal world, so giving them an understanding of what is happening and why, along with tools to help them, can be a huge life changer.



This workshop is being offered in the high vibrational energy of my personal residence. You will receive the address and details to attend the workshops once you register. It is located in downtown Wayne, Michigan.

Seating is limited to only 5 sets of two spots available, and makes this a very intimate workshop that will allow you to receive the most value and opportunity to interact for asking questions so you will get the most from the experience.


You will learn:

What is an empath

How to know that you are an empath

Looking at the world through the eyes of an empath

Why this younger generation is so emotionally sensitive

How to know if your feelings are yours or those of others

How to quiet, and even turn “off,” the emotional noise of others

To allow yourself to feel your feelings and be willing to release them

Building a healthy relationship with yourself and others

Identifying and letting go of emotionally draining people and relationships

Finding an inner peace and calm so that you can feel strong and confident

Experiential Energetic Exercises for a Healthy Emotional Life



The workshop will be recorded and you will receive access to the audio recording so that you can review it again to go back over what was taught and shared, as well as be able to receive new insights and information as your consciousness continues to expand. 

Most of the workshops that I have attended do not offer a recording and, unless you take really good notes or purchase a book that is offered, you may be unable to recall a large amount of the information. And, during the workshop, it is most beneficial to be participating in the exercises and allowing yourself to consume the information both consciously and subconsciously, and taking notes can keep you from doing that in the moment. I personally like recorded information that I can review over and over and receive all the  benefit and value I can, so I am offering that to you as well.


You Receive All This For…

ONLY $70

(teen & mom together)





Only 5 Sets of Two Spots Available, So Don’t Wait to Claim Yours! Register NOW!


**Registration ends 24 hours before event.** If less than 24 hours, please email or call and if space is available, you may still be able receive the details to attend.


What to bring:

An open, curious mind and heart
Note book or pad of paper and pen/pencil