Fall Retreat – Oakwood Retreat Center, Selma, IN

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Date(s) - October 23 - October 29
All Day Event

Oakwood Retreat Center


Deep Spring Center 2017 Fall Retreat

Vipassana and the Awakened Heart

with Barbara Brodsky, John Orr, Aaron and including Darshan with The Mother*
(Barbara Brodsky channels Aaron and The Mother)
OCTOBER 23 – OCTOBER 29, 2017

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VIPASSANA or “insight meditation” is a practical method of self-awareness that makes it possible to encounter the tensions of daily life in a calm and balanced way. Vipassana trains us to be awake, noticing the moments of life with a compassionate heart. This practice has been handed down through the centuries from its origins in Theravadan Buddhism but as we practice it here, no special beliefs are involved. We learn from our own direct experiences. Except for instruction periods, dharma talks, group meetings, and some periods of structured dialogue, the Retreat is held in silence, giving us an opportunity to move deeply into our own experiences and heart centers.

We deepen in the wisdom that the emotions and body sensations with which we have become so self-identified, are really just arising out of myriad conditions and passing away. If a storm comes during a picnic, we cannot stop the rain. It comes and it will pass. Our suffering, or not suffering depends on how we relate to the storm.  Just so with our emotions and physical body sensations. Awareness notes from a spacious perspective that fear, pain, sadness, or whatever has arisen. That which is aware of fear is not afraid. That which is aware of anger is not angry.  And yet, there is pain, fear, anger, sadness.  Aaron says, “It’s there, and it’s not there.”  We deepen in compassion for all humans who do experience such challenging expressions of our humanity.

Compassion is supported by our darshan experiences with The Mother. She tells us she is a combination of many expression of the Divine Mother such as Mother Mary, Kwan Yin, and others, and that she expresses different aspects of herself depending on the needs of each person.

We have found that the combination of a silent Retreat with meditation and darshan with the Mother, is a very powerful way of releasing long-held conditioned beliefs about the self and coming home to our true Buddha Nature/Christ Consciousness, our own deepest divinity. Mornings will include vipassana instruction and practice. Our afternoons will be a blend–as led by Spirit–of meditation, short teachings and guided meditations from Spirit, and darshan. Each evening there will be a dharma talk.

The Retreat will take place at a beautiful retreat center in Indiana that is very supportive to our practice. Oakwood provides delicious vegetarian meals, comfortable rooms, and a lovely outdoor environment for walking, through woods, meadows and by the stream.


*Darshan and The Mother is an event in consciousness—an interaction between the human and the divine, which focuses and raises the consciousness of the human. The Mother–trance-channeled through Barbara–takes each person’s hands and looks into his/her eyes. She may offer a few words. Many people are deeply moved because, with unconditional love, she mirrors back to each his/her own divinity, the Divine Mother in each of our hearts. For this reason, we call the work with the Mother, “Remembering Wholeness”. She doesn’t “fix” us; she doesn’t offer many words.  She reminds us of our own wholeness and divinity. This is very consistent with the non-dual aspects of our dharma practice, where we observe objects such as thoughts, sensations and emotions arising and passing away, impermanent and “not-self” in nature. We rest in Pure Awareness, conscious of distortions but also remembering our innate perfection. We attend skillfully to the distortions, release self-identification with them, and rest in our true being.  It is fine to come with a skeptical mind. No special beliefs are required for darshan, just a willingness to open our hearts to this powerful love.

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