Healing the Child You (Tele-Workshop)

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Date(s) - April 19
1:00 PM - 2:30 PM

Create By Vibration LLC


Freeing Yourself from Past Pain, Hurt and Fear


When you were a child, you experienced pain, hurt and fear that you tucked away so that you were able to feel safe in the world and handle the things you experienced. It was a safety mechanism that you learned to use and it may have served you well then, but you are still currently being influenced in your life by that child part of you that experienced the emotional wounds and trauma.

These fears, hurts and pain keep you from fully living in your potential and are still keeping you “safe” on some level. When you can connect with your child self that still is living in those fears, pain and hurt, you can help her understand that she doesn’t have to feel that way any longer and help her heal so that you too can experience something new in your life now.

There is a child part of you, well actually many child parts of you, that are longing to be safe and loved. It’s time for you to connect with them and bring them into the light with you where they can feel loved and know they are safe. You no longer have to be afraid or have a part of you living in past pain, hurt or fear because you will discover how to heal yourself, your present and your future!



Tele-workshops are being offered via a conference line where you can call in by phone or Skype from anywhere you are. These too will be offered in high vibrational energy, and to keep them intimate as well, limited spots available.


You will learn:

Who is your child self

Why have you been living your life based on her experiences

Why you want to connect with her

How connecting with her can heal your life now

What kind of healing you can experience from connecting with her

Shift the energy of relationships with those involved

Bring her with you into your now

Create wholeness within yourself by having all of you safe in the present

Experiential Energetic Exercises to Healing Your Child Self



The workshop will be recorded and you will receive access to the audio recording so that you can review it again to go back over what was taught and shared, as well as be able to receive new insights and information as your consciousness continues to expand. 

Most of the workshops that I have attended do not offer a recording and, unless you take really good notes or purchase a book that is offered, you may be unable to recall a large amount of the information. And, during the workshop, it is most beneficial to be participating in the exercises and allowing yourself to consume the information both consciously and subconsciously, and taking notes can keep you from doing that in the moment. I personally like recorded information that I can review over and over and receive all the  benefit and value I can, so I am offering that to you as well.



You Receive All This For…

ONLY $63





Limited Spots Available, So Don’t Wait to Claim Yours!
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**Registration ends 24 hours before event.** If less than 24 hours, please email or call and if space is available, you may still be able receive the details to attend.


What to bring:

An open, curious mind and heart
Note book or pad of paper and pen/pencil