Weekly Sunday Silent Online Meditation

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Date(s) - October 14
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

world wide PHONE and ONLINE


Sunday Silent Online Meditation from Anywhere

11:00 am – 12 noon eastern – every Sunday

All attendees must be on the Sunday Silent Online Meditation email list to receive the weekly link to join. Get Weekly Link

Deep Spring Center for Meditation and Spiritual Inquiry is now offering the opportunity to meditate online every Sunday morning with others from far and near. We will use a conferencing program called Zoom in which we can see and greet each other before meditation.

Experience: All that is needed is a willingness to observe with kindness the expressions of the self and to be open to ever-present pure awareness.

  • This will be a 1-hour silent meditation starting at the hour of your time zone below. We will have a brief period of chanting, then mute our mics or phones, and then begin silent vipassana meditation.
  • After the hour is finished a bell will ring and meditators can go on with their day.
  • There will be time to stay and chat or discuss questions if someone so chooses.
  • The times listed below are when mediation begins, but Zoom will be open for half an hour before so that people can join in and get settled.
  • Please note that this is not a class or a guided meditation.

For information about vipassana meditation and beginning instructions, please read here ‘What is Insight Meditation’ and ‘Vipassana Instructions’.

The room opens 30 minutes before the meditation begins:

Eastern Time Zone: Meditation begins 11 am.
Central Time Zone: Meditation begins 10 am.
Mountain Time Zone: Meditation begins 9 am.
Pacific Time Zone: Meditation begins 8 am.

Helpful hints for Zoom:

You will be sent an email every Friday morning with the link to enter Zoom.

When you are first entering Zoom:

As you are logging in, there is a menu to check the Sound: ‘Test Computer Mic & Speakers’. This allows you to check that your speaker and mic are working, please check it so you know it’s working before you finish logging in.

After you have logged in:

You’ll see a bar at the bottom with several choices. You may need to move the cursor to make the icons visible.

  • Mute – far left, please mute yourself until you speak so there is no background noise. (To un-mute, you must be in Gallery View. See below.)
  • Video – far left, toggle to turn video on and off.
  • Chat – Click it and a window will open onto the page. We can communicate this way by sending a message to the group or privately to one individual.
  • Gallery and Active Speaker view – In the upper right corner, there is a choice for either Gallery or Speaker View. Gallery View lets you see everyone and Speaker View shows the Speaker. Please note that in order to un-mute, you must be in Gallery View.
  • The ‘Leave the Room’ command is in the bottom right corner. Click it, and then click on the next box that comes up. Then you are out.

Using Zoom really does have ease to it once you become familiar. If you are new to this system and think you may need time to make sure everything is working, please enter early (within the 30 minutes before meditation begins).

Please note that if somehow you are closed out of Zoom during our time together, you can go back to the link in your email and re-join.

Questions please contact facilitator: Celeste Zygmont @ celestezygmont2@yahoo.com