Forever’s Promise of a New Beginning


Author Cheryl Richardson said, “If you want to improve your life immediately, clean out a closet. Often, it’s what we hold onto that holds us back.” Could it be that simple? Before every new moon, the dark moon is said to be super-potent for creating your desires. Those few days right before the cycle starts again are ‘the’ time we want to clear clutter. Junk drawers that hold years of miscellaneous odds and ends, and closets, are high on the list for invoking this magic.

Spring’s beginning is much like a new moon. It’s fresh with possibility and seeds of new dreams. Spring grows over the past like a new lover. The ground breaks down under her green moss and new life is born. We don’t question her arrival or her power to regenerate. We don’t have to question our own powers to regenerate either.

Throw off your heavy coat to the breeze and lift your nose to smell the spring air. You can start over without a clear and certain path in mind, but my High Vibe Life Coaching can help! Starting over is simply an invitation into the field of possibility where the new us already lives. We can plant our new wishes and desires, and wait. We color in our dreams with expectation, and with the newborn faith of a child.

Spring is the reset button. We trust she has goodly things to shower us with. As the world wakes up, it’s easier to believe in ourselves and that is enough. Open up a big wide open space for your future, by throwing away what you don’t need and use anymore, including those old, small and self-defeating beliefs. Open your eyes and surrender to forever’s promise of a new beginning.


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