How to Connect to Archangel Michael: Calling in the Big Guns


It’s the season of honoring fathers, so getting into the great and powerful Archangel Michael seemed totally appropriate! You hear me talk a lot about intuition and receiving guidance and the qualities of the Divine Feminine, but Michael’s energy is the perfect expression of the Divine Masculine. He is also St. Michael, leader of God’s great army and of the warrior angels. He was first seen as a healing angel, and his earliest sanctuary, the Michaelion, was built over a pagan temple in the Roman Empire. He soon became known as the protector, waging war over lower energies. His name literally means right hand of God. Rich and vibrant shades of royal purple, cobalt blue, and flashes of gold are his colors.

Michael is a dragon slayer and his sword is his holy weapon. He’s is the patron saint of policemen, the military, firefighters, and paramedics. Are you feeling the strength and power of this angel yet? Healers, energy workers, mediums, and psychic-intuitives call on Archangel Michael for protection and energetic boundaries during sessions and spiritual work. He is tough and will come in to slay lower energies with his sword.

If you need help with something right away, he is the one to call on. His energy is fierce, hot and intense! You might feel the room heat up when you call for him. If you ask him to, he will cut cords for you. What are cords? They are attachments that can sometimes be negative. All that means is, let’s say you get into a really bad argument with someone you love and you haven’t made up yet. You can call on Michael to cut the negative energetic connection. Maybe you have a friend who you love dearly, but every time you talk to them you feel drained afterward. He will take care of business! Cutting cords never end the love we have for someone, just the funky stuff we want to move on from.

Archangel Michael transcends space and time. In my classes I say he’s like Santa Claus, he can be anywhere and everywhere! Not only is he “the” ultimate angel of protection, I think of him as my ally, faithful friend and guide…very fatherly indeed. He helps us to find courage and strength when we need it, slaying cords of fear as well. Making a big life or career change? He will be there for you! He is all about helping lightworkers begin their practice! Michael is with me for all my intuitive readings, classes, and gallery reading events, holding space and keeping the energy a high-vibration.

At your request, Michael will clear energy in your house, workplace or wherever you need it. Open the windows! Safely light some incense or sage, and invite him in. Remember, we have to call on our angels. They are not allowed to intervene on our free will. All you have to do is ask for help!


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