How to Read Oracle Cards: “Listening”


Here she is, glorious September, bridging wild and dreamy summer to the doorstep of fall! The world changes rhythm again, from hot long days to daily school buses.

The “Listening Card” from Victoria Moseley’s, “Vintage Wisdom” is this month’s oracle card spotlight because it’s easy to get caught up in the vibe that says, back to the grind. Then there’s that other wistful feeling of something wonderful ending. Maybe the “Listening Card” can help us make the transition. We’ve come through an Eclipse Season of rebirth. If we are brand new, can we make September’s arrival one of expansion instead of contraction? The “Listening Card” says we can.

Surrounded by birds, a winged maiden listens in a forest. It looks like late summer, not fall, but her red hair and brown dress symbolize the coming fall. Looking at the card’s images for information is using clairvoyance. Lights that look like fireflies, confirm the season. My heart jumps for joy every night these lightning bugs, as they are sometimes called, are still here. Summertime makes it easier to connect to Mother Nature. We lay on her sandy beaches and feel her warm waters. Symphonies of crickets and cicadas sing us to sleep. We can hear her better it seems. Can we still be free and easy? Do we have to buckle-up and get serious?

In a reading, this card would be a sign to listen to nature and our inner wisdom; to slow down and see what’s next, rather than rushing into things. We can always come back to the deeper rhythm of our inner guidance, instead of the hustle and bustle of what is outside the quiet twilight summer forest. We can always come back home and listen for that voice.


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