Prosperity – A Key Element



By John Ashbrook

prosperity – a key element we create requires a balance of two energies. New age prosperity is particularly dependent on this fact because it is about balanced living. Prosperity in the new millennium will be characterized by the freedom to express one’s individuality in a myriad of ways. People will not be limited to expressing themselves through one occupation, one lifestyle, or a single identity. Instead, people will embark on a continuous spiritual journey of self-discovery, which will compel them to actively seek a life of diverse personal experience. Of course, the creation of financial freedom is the cornerstone for this new prosperity. Financial freedom will be created in diverse ways. It will no longer be the result of a single source of security. People will create new financial avenues as a result of this personal exploration and discovery. More and more, personal expression of individuality will inspire greater numbers of people to do the same. 

A key element in this dynamic is the cultivation of feminine energy. As I said, everything we create requires a balance of two energies. One is masculine energy which is characterized by activation of force. The other is feminine energy, which is the principle of non-action or trust. Our society is more prone to believe in making or forcing things to happen than it is trusting things to happen. After all, masculine energy is something we can see and feel. We push the door open, we turn the key, we hit the ball, we force things to happen. The movement of feminine energy is not so easy to detect, because it is not an outward movement, it is a relaxed inner movement. We do not see it, so it is difficult to trust its reality. 

Every one of us, male or female, has both a masculine and feminine side. Whether we realize it or not, everything we do is a utilization of both energies. If this was not the case, nothing would happen. Too often, the things that we are trying to accomplish do not turn out exactly as we would have them turn out. The reason for these distorted results is simple – the creation was not characterized by the exact balance of masculine and feminine energy. Too much of one (usually masculine) and not enough of the other (usually feminine).

Let us examine more closely these two energies and their relationship to each other. The masculine principle of activation means that we deliberately issue, claim, set in motion, move toward, cause, make happen and use purposefully whatever forces that are at our disposal. We know what these forces are, and we commit them to action. We do this by eliminating all possible obstacles. Effort is required to set the creative forces in motion. 

The feminine principle of trust means that we deliberately cultivate a conscious attitude of belief. We believe that we have done all that we can do to create, and that there is nothing left to do but relax and wait patiently for the results. No more effort is needed! Focus on something else, best unrelated, something fun. You deserve it!

The golfer who hits the ball to hard (overuse of masculine energy) misses the hole. The businessperson who insists on trying to force the deal creates stress and is frustrated when nothing happens. To create what you want in life you must seek an exact balance between doing and non-doing, between effort and faith. Know when you have done everything possible to make something happen and then don’t do anything more. If you adopt this attitude, things will not only happen faster, they will happen more efficiently and with better results than ever before.

We must trust and believe that what we have set into motion will happen. It is this trust and belief that guarantees success. This is feminine energy. It is not about control, it is about surrender, surrender to forces that we cannot see, but eventually can feel! The salesperson can feel when they are about to close a deal and in that brief moment they relax into a peaceful, knowing state. The athlete who believes he or she will excel will do so, without overexertion or strain. Never underestimate the quiet, knowing confidence that is the feminine principle. No proof is needed.

We do not have to control everything in life. We must learn to relinquish control in the areas where we are most strained and fearful. This requires trust, belief, and faith. This is the key to the new prosperity of freedom. This is why the cultivation of feminine energy is so important in the 21st century.

If we can relinquish control and learn to trust in life, then we will overcome all fear. It is fear that puts us into a forcing state. It is fear that limits our freedom. Feminine energy is the answer, it works, and by using it you will let go of all fear and open your power to create a more abundant, fulfilling, and spiritual life.


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