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Self Esteem and Peace

Self Esteem and Peace

By John Ashbrook

When any person takes full responsibility for their own spiritual development and dedicates themselves to creating a deeply inner connected state of self-awareness, their positive self-esteem will soar. In this state of inner of unity, they cannot help but feel a true reverence for themselves and all who live. This is so because if your inner world is teeming with an abundance of spiritual health, free-flowing ideas, and creative expression, then peace and contentment, love, personal growth, and supreme confidence will follow. This exalted state of oneness within must also exist in the world that surrounds you. The outer conforms to the shape of the inner. It can be no other way. Your elevated state of true happiness and fulfillment is contagious. You are now in the most positive way possible-a super spreader! Here is a supportive prayer that I use and have shared with my clients, students, and friends over the years.

Dear God, in the highest realm of heaven, I’m asking for your guidance and support to aid me in living up to this Holy commitment to myself and all who live. Please send your divine love through my open heart to bring understanding and a healing peace to all that I see, hear and feel. I know that I must as an individual, find your connecting love within me to truly live in peaceful unity with others. I pray that more and more individuals come to this realization-don’t fight against what is wrong, fight for what is right and truly live on earth as you would in heaven. So, I ask for your support and guidance to focus on the positive progress of my life-to bask in the sweetness of my eternal unfolding spiritual journey. Dear Lord, please assist me in my efforts to bring reverence, peace, and harmony into every corner of life-my life and everyone’s life I come in contact with.
Thank you, dear Lord.

John Ashbrook is a professional numerologist and intuitive spiritual counselor. He teaches a comprehensive Spiritual Development Program that combines ongoing classes with Individual Guidance sessions to maximize personal growth. For information about private consultations, please call John at 734-326-3433


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