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Shoot for the Moon and the Stars


One morning at the Church of Today, Les Brown used Norman Vincent Peale’s quote, “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss it, you will land among the stars.” I loved Les so much, that I bought his cassette tapes. He was my “first” motivational speaker. I latched onto his words like a lifeline. I was so lost. I desperately needed something to believe in to show me the way.

I’ve relied on people I admire. Storytellers. Musicians. Those who’ve been broken, but metamorphosized from life’s misadventures. They’ve become my mentors. Mel Robbins, who I adore and count on, has become like a mother to me. I’ve also gained huge lessons from the women in my high vibration circles. One vulnerable sentence is the truth bomb that stops time, changing and uniting everyone in the room.

In my work as a psychic-intuitive, I follow the Spiritual Realm. I call it, God/Goddess. My guides are instrumental as well. They lead me. I’m the vehicle or channel for which their guidance comes through. I trust their wisdom completely, and I seek it for myself and others. As a singer/songwriter, I’m led by creativity, where mortals and the Divine meet.

Les encouraged me to keep going no matter what. Good leaders do that. They keep you coming back for more. We’re led by the strong, thirsty for inspiration and hungry for encouragement. The so-called weak teaches us that life will blow us down and break our hearts, but trees that move with the wind can never truly break. And, the young, who inspire us to see the world with fresh and open eyes. May we not make them into little versions of us, so that we can be led into a brand new and better world.


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