Starting Arts and Crafts


There comes a time when there nothing left to do but to do it. Pre-planning your creative endeavors is very helpful and can save you hours of your time and helps to prevent costly and time-consuming mistakes. So pre-planning is always a wise choice however there comes a time when you have gone as far as you can with pre-preparation work. When you find yourself rechecking yourself and looking for excesses chances, you are no longer researching you are procrastinating.

At this point, it is essential that you realize you have done all you can do with your pre-work and it time to move forward and begin your project.

At first, it may be difficult for you due to the build-up of anticipation you may encounter with delaying your first steps. Is it possible you may second guess your self by asking yourself “am I good enough?” “Can I really do this?”

It important that you acknowledge your feelings. Denying them will only cause you more problems and keep you from following your dream and reaching your true potential.

Know its ok to feel a little anxious, that it is common for anyone trying something new. It’s also ok to be a beginner and to realize you need to work on your craft before you are happy with your results. Expect to make a lot of mistakes at first, remember once more you have never done this before. Above all know you are doing this because you love it so enjoy it and have fun. Happy creating!

Namaste, Abby


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