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After ‘Body Type’ Quiz, What’s Next?

I hope you enjoyed taking the Dosha Quiz from the September issue. Wasn’t it interesting to know your body type, and maybe a bit confusing to understand what it means? It often happens that we feel, “Oh! I am a Vata, sometimes Kapha and more Pitta.” Or,”Oh! I wish I could have been more Pitta […]

About the writer: Dr. Beena Vesikar

Dr Beena Vesikar holds Masters Degree (M.D.) in Ayurvedic Medicine. She received an excellence award for her work in Ayurvedic disease management. She taught in Ayurvedic colleges in India and worked in Hospital as chief medical officer. She is dedicated to spreading the knowledge of Ayurveda around the community and has published many articles in various magazines for this purpose. She can be reached at; 248-888-9028