Tuesday, September 22, 2020
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Tag: electromagnetic pollution

Crystals for Protection from EMFs

We are continually subjected to EMFs, by cell phone towers, microwaves, TVs, smart meters, cell phones, wires in the walls and...

Surfing The Electric Sky

Surfing The Electric Sky



Recently, I got a new cell phone. Highly functional with a full keyboard inside to make texting easier and faster, it is sleek and sexy. It enticed me with new features and the ability to do everything I needed my phone to do, and more. Anxious to start using it, I didn’t read the instructions, much less the precautions in fine print. Reading how electromagnetic radiation from my new cell phone could hurt me was the last thing on my mind. Modern technology, with all of its glitz and glamour, is here to stay; and besides, I would miss my computer, my Wi-Fi, my cell phone, my television and all of the other wonderful electronic devices I use on a daily basis. So, why should anyone learn more about the effects these things have on health?

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