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HERB OF THE MONTH: Senna (Cassia Senna)

Common name: Cassia Description: Small wood shrub to three feet. Pointed leaves. Seeds encased in pod. Parts used: Leaflets, seed pods. Common use: Limited but important use as a colon cleanser. Senna is a superior laxative, and an ingredient in many over-the-counter preparations found in supermarkets and pharmacies everywhere. Comments: Drunk as tea by people […]

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HERB OF THE MONTH-Saffron (Crocus Sativus)

Saffron  (Crocus Sativus)   Common names: Saffron crocus, Spanish saffron.   Description:  Showy ornamental plant grows to 18 inches.  Found in the Middle East and East.   Part used: Stigmas.   Common use: Saffron cuts cholesterol and clears clogged arteries, promoting circulatory health and well-being.  It also lowers blood pressure and promotes menstruation, making it […]

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