Thursday, September 24, 2020


What Does 7.83 Hz Mean to You?

Those who live in the modern world usually take electricity for granted. As long as the electric bill has...

Meditation— Should We Bother?

How did your day go yesterday or today – joyful or stressful?

Whether at home or at work, we sometimes encounter moments of being overly busy with too much to do, too many interruptions, and/or not having enough time to accomplish everything we want to. Obviously we’re talking stress and frustration and wouldn’t we all like to avoid those moments, especially when we wake up the next morning and have to do another one of those days. Common sense says if we could just stop at stressful moments to try and relax to collect our thoughts it would help, but we certainly can’t always rely on being able to stop when unplanned bumps in the road appear.

Crystals to Strengthen Masculine Energy

Certain crystals can balance our feminine and masculine qualities as well as individually strengthen them. I use these crystals when people...


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