Truth, Genes, and Utopia


By John Ashbrook

Here are some brief thoughts on several topics taken from my personal journal. Hopefully, they will provide inspiration for your own pondering of their greater ramifications.


When the truth is resisted, ignored, or denied, it is because the truth demands two things that people often don’t want to deal with – responsibility and change.

The individual who embraces truth takes responsibility for their life and thereby gains the power to live in freedom.

The naked truth is never negative; only the resistance to it implies such a value.


There Is no room for the truth in utopia, and where there is no truth, eventually, there is no freedom.


Watch the flow of water. Where it meets no resistance, its surface is smooth and even, but when the flow meets objects, such as rocks, branches, etc., that resist its natural movement, we see the development of ripples that disrupt the glassy smooth surface. The greater the resistance, the more ripples are formed, and so it is the same in our lives. The more resistance that exists in our souls to the natural and ever-changing flow of life, the more wrinkles appear on that once smooth surface of our skin.


Greatness does not seek greatness. There often exists a confusion between celebrity, being famous, and greatness. There are many great people who never achieve notoriety. There is a direct connection between self-esteem and greatness. Greatness does not create self-esteem. Healthy self-esteem is a result of spiritual living – truth, sincerity, humility, and the courage to share one’s beauty with the world. These things are the ingredients of greatness, and when they are present in the human soul, greatness is automatic.


The best and most successful parents are those who acknowledge and deal with their own shortcomings openly and honestly, and in plain view of their children. This kind of parenting may not be the easiest, but it is the most effective. The parent who deals their own problems automatically helps their children to do the same.


Feminine is knowing. Masculine is proving. Knowing is now. Proving exists in the past or in the future. Knowing implies trust and faith. Proving implies hesitance and insecurity. Knowing needs no proof, and faith is the ultimate security. Masculine value lies in the manifestation of feminine knowing.

When a state of harmony exists in the soul between the masculine and feminine principles, this dynamic of creating is instantaneous.


 Genes do not create; they are only symbolic of the characteristics that exist in the soul. The state of the psyche. Their physical presence represent, at best, only a crude indication of the complexity of the soul.


In the eyes of a child, we see the universe – the delicate balance of unlimited openness, so beautiful, so joyful, so innocent, so trusting, so vulnerable.

Our future lies not only in the cultivation of this fragile state of connectedness for our children but in recapturing this state for ourselves.


All the sounds of life come from one gigantic cosmic composition. It is too big for us to hear all at once, for it contains all feelings, emotions, joys, and sorrows of life. The music we do hear is the result of the musician’s ability to focus in on and magnify different individual aspects of this great infinite musical masterpiece we call life.


When you think of creation, imagine a never-ending spiral, expanding in all directions, representing the evolution of one focused thought expressed through consciousness. To express a thought is to give it life. The life of that one focused thought contains all possibilities as it evolves and spirals out from its point of focused expression. Whoever can bring a thought to a point of conscious expression can create their own universe by letting it go, setting it free, giving it life, and allowing it to evolve and express its individuality. From its unencumbered individuality springs the infinite aspects of its own uniqueness, and so it goes on forever the same way that God has done with each and every one of us.


Acceptance is loving the shadow as well as the light.


If you want more intimacy in your relationships, you must first embrace this truth – you cannot create any higher level of intimacy with your partner than the level of intimacy that you have with yourself. How intimate are you with your own soul, and are you willing to continuously explore the emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of your being? If so, you will grow, and so automatically will your intimate relations with another. Of course, the growth of the relations requires the growth of both partners. You are on a path together, walking hand in hand to spiritual fulfillment.


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