Tucson Gem Show – A Mecca of Rocks


By Laura Moody

Deep in the desert of Arizona, two couples had a vision. Dan and Betty Candle and Clayton and Betty Gibson started the first Tucson Gem Show in 1955. Its meager beginning started in an elementary cafeteria, and today it is the largest gem show in the world. It is overwhelming, with over 4000 vendors and 50 shows over three weeks. Most come from all over the globe bringing minerals, geodes, and hand-crafted jewelry, and it has the largest attendance of any show in the country.  

I travel to Tucson every January to engulf myself in this crystal heaven. I find new stones and minerals that have yet to be mined in many years each year. One of my favorite stones is the Blue Stone from Sweden. What is Swedish blue stone? The stone is a residual product from Swedish iron production over three hundred years ago. Production occurred in small coal-fired ovens, where the ore was melted into a liquid mass. The stone is formed when the temperature is high. The stone is known for helping you stay true to yourself and feel safe.

My favorite part of the Tucson Gem show is the vendors. I remember meeting Abdul, who traveled from Morocco to bring his ancient fossils to the show. Orthoceras is a fossil that ranges from 500 to 200 million years old and is similar to our modern-day squid. It is said that if one has an Orthoceras, they will have longevity of life.  

There are two facets to the gem show, the wholesale section and the shows open to the public. I attend both. There are hidden gems at both locations. As a buyer for Rock Your World Crystal Store, I am always looking for unique crystals that have a high frequency to help amply and manifest. My favorite Amethyst is the pieces from Uruguay. The deep purple takes you to a magical place. I love the Labradorite from Madagascar. 

There are two types of Labradorite, Peacock Blue and the traditional Gray and Green with a blue flash. 

Labradorite is known for its ability to assist with opening the third eye and helping with intuition. At Rock Your World Crystal Store, we purchase abound 6000 pounds of gems and minerals from the Tucson Gem Show. We look for unique items that will dazzle and amaze you. 

This year I am bringing back Mookaite Jasper from Australia. This Jasper has an array of beautiful colors and is known as a gentle nurturing stone.

I encourage you to explore the wonderful world of crystals and minerals. Their beauty and energy will amaze you. I invite you to our store in Laurel Park Place Mall any Friday thru Monday. Just come and look at them and let them speak to you. We also have crystal classes where you can learn the basics of working with crystals. For more on our classes, sign up for our text list. Text the word “crystals” to 844-570-1104 to receive notifications on crystals and psychic development classes.

Laura Moody is a psychic medium and owner of Rock Your World Crystal Store in Livonia. For more on Laura and her readings, go to: www.readingsbylaura.net, or for events and classes, go to: www.rywevents.com.


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