Your True Creative Self; Your Creative Identity


Being creative is a beautiful thing; it allows you to share yourself through a multitude of expressions. Creativity opens up a venue for you to emote the yearnings of your heart and soul and speak about your personal philosophies. Creative expression is the ultimate form of free speech; it provides the platform for you to contribute to your world.

To be able to express yourself creatively, you first need to know your creative identity; your creative identity is who you are and what you wish to share of yourself via your artistry. Your creative identity can be composed of the following: Your choice in artistic mediums which can be anything from painting, writing, and even acting. It’s up to you how you decide the ways in which you wish to represent your artfulness.

Then you’ll need to know, “Who am I, what do I wish to say and why do I want to say it?” Think about how you can express yourself with your work.

Some questions you may want to consider are:

What do I believe in? Consider everything from philosophy, politics, spirituality, and even science!

What do I support? Is there a cause you believe in, or you wish to endorse?

What would I like to contribute? Are there any personal insights you want to share?

How can I help others? Is their a way for my art to help others? If I could help, what could I do?

Knowing your creative identity may require some deep soul-searching and self-analysis. It may be a little intimidating and frightening at first, but stick with it! It’s well worth it. It will help you know yourself better so that you can be the best you, and ultimately help bring your true creative self to your work.

Namaste, Abby


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