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Conscious Hearts

August 5, 2023 @ 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

**Conscious Hearts: Opening up to more connection and flow in love and relationships.**

What if the love you desire felt more accessible and possible for you?

You want love to feel easier and more connected, without so much friction.

If you are in a relationship, you probably have tried self-help books, date nights, weekend get-aways, and tantra workshops.

If you are single, you have probably tried dating apps, singles meetups, and sexy ecstatic dances.

And though all of that may give you a joyful, euphoric glow for a while, it seems to fade over and over again for some reason.

In this workshop, International Relationship Coach & best-selling author Eri Kardos and her husband of 7 years, Jaymin Patel, will share 3 important keys to experience more ease, connection, and longevity in your partnerships.

This workshop is for you if you are currently in a partnership or between partners (single) and desire to understand how to have a more connective, conscious, loving relationship that lasts.

**About your hosts:**

**Eri Kardos**
Eri Kardos is one of the most highly-referred relationship coaches globally, working with clients across 6 continents ranging from top tech executives and Hollywood celebrities to ordinary people living extraordinary lives. She is known for her passion for helping powerful people create even more powerful relationships.

Eri is the author of the best-selling book, Relationship Agreements: A Simple and Effective Guide for Strengthening Communication, Reducing Conflict, and Increasing Intimacy to Design Your Ideal Relationship.

Eri’s specialty is helping people elevate their relationships for deeper, more intimate and fulfilling connections.

Eri’s seemingly magical methods spark old and new passion, take you to new places of intimacy, and melt away the patterns of conflict.

Eri is a former leadership development professional at Amazon.com. She received her MBA in Global Leadership from the #1 international business school in the world.

Eri provides private video and phone coaching sessions to clients around the world. In addition, she offers in-person facilitated retreats and fully guided intensives to help individuals and couples create the relationships and life they desire.

**Jaymin Patel**
Jaymin J. Patel is a Growth Coach & Soul Mentor for High-Achievers. Business Owners, Founders, Spiritual Leaders, and celebrated Artists come to Jaymin after they’ve explored coaching (or have become a coach) and now want to explore their EDGE and see what more is possible.
Jaymin’s mission is to help soul-aligned leaders unlock their Greatest Achievement Potential, experience the highest levels of freedom & truth, and easefully expand into even more abundance in health, wealth, & love…

…without misspending a single ounce of their precious time & energy on the oh-so-common hurdles that hold most people back from living their greatest life & doing their greatest work.

In addition to being a (TEDx) speaker who has delivered 500+ paid talks and being an author of 8 books, Jaymin is a highly sought-after, heart-driven, no-fluff, intuitive coach who has been hired by powerful leaders in the spiritual & transformational communities as well as top leaders of corporations around the world like Kraft, Unilever, JPMorgan Chase, and Citibank.

Jaymin has been invited to speak at prestigious stages like Harvard Business School, The London School of Economics, ASAE, and has been called upon to consult for high-level strategy programs for national governments globally, most recently in Saudi Arabia.

Most importantly, Jaymin is a dad of two incredible kids and shares a beautiful conscious relationship with his wife, Eri. He and his family are currently living on the tropical island of Bali, where he hosts private retreats for his clients.


* $35 Singles
* $50 Couples

**To register:**


August 5, 2023
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM