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Creating New, Healthy Routines

Wow, now that the Corona Virus is here, many of us are focusing on our physical health and isolating ourselves. I’d like to look at this differently, have a different point of view. How do we remain focused on being healthy in body, yet also mind, emotions and spirit? We can use this opportunity to […]

About the writer: Miche Lame'

Miche has been compassionately guiding people for over 25 years. Through Spiritual Living and Healing Miche utilizes Intuitive and Universal Principals to guide you in healing your emotional, mental, physical, & spiritual state. www.spirituallivingandhealing.com

Radiant Health

65hz or above is the average frequency of a healthy functioning body. Anything lower than that produces illness and allows viruses and bacteria to take hold. What lowers our body’s average frequency below 65 Hz? Unconscious Fear. I started in natural health, originally doing acupuncture and homeopathy. Now, I use those natural health modalities with […]

About the writer: Barbra White

Barbra White, eco-psychologist, auricular acupuncturist, homeopath, shamanic healer, intuitive, and animal rights activist. www.MotherBearSanctuary.com www.BarbraWhite.com

We Need Laughter and Fun

We need fun, laughter, and giggles right now with all the changes that are going on in our lives. It’s a time of trying to find things to do with our family and with ourselves while staying positive and happy! We might find ourselves asking, “What can I do?” I like yoga, and I like […]

About the writer: Pauline Dettloff

Pauline…Your Guild To Psychic Readings… Pauline was born in Michigan but spent most of her life in the Detroit Metro area where she still resides today with her husband of nearly 37 years. , Pauline says she knew at age twelve what her future held. She run michiganpsychicfair.org, krystal-ball-online.com, and twopsychicchicks.com

Strengthening Our Body from Within

By Chef Deborah Lieder Anytime we start something new, there is a certain protocol we have to follow in order to allow it to become a habit or bring it into being. This is why it is never recommended to partake in a fad diet, or anything that promotes instant gratification. It will fade, just […]


YOU: We are both male and female, our mind is masculine, and our heart is feminine. When the two are divided, there is struggle and strife! HEAD: The male part is fashioned after God the Father, Adam/bridegroom/temple/mind/Jesus) HEART: The female part is fashioned after Mother God (Eve/bride/church/heart/Mary). “God created man in his own image, in […]

About the writer: Penny Golden

Publisher of the Body Mind Spirit Guide

Breaking Down Boundaries

Breaking Down Boundaries

I’ve often heard it said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, while expecting different results. Somehow, many people believe that if they hold an intention strongly enough, they’ll manifest the life changes they desire. While it is true that thoughts become things and the energy of thought […]

About the writer: Susan deCaussin

Susan deCaussin established Healing Methods, in Troy, MI. She’s a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Spiritual Advisor, Reiki Master, Shiva Murti Practitioner, Inspirational Writer, and Speaker. Her deep connection to Spirit assists her in working with Universal Energy and creating articles and lectures that are thought-provoking, powerful and healing. Learn more at www.HealingMethods.org

The Universal Mind Connection

During these difficult and frightening times, we must never forget we have the power within to survive and grow from our difficult experiences. We are one with the universal mind and we must stay in a positive and mindful place. It is easy to follow negative thoughts and become fearful and desperate or even angry. […]

About the writer: Wendy Powers

Please contact me as I am also a Spiritual Christian Minister, if you would like me to speak at your house of worship, spiritual center or event. 248-826-8255

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